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What to Know about Open Carry Laws in Texas

The new law has created questions among handgun owners who possess a concealed handgun license


Estate Planning in Oregon

Privacy, taxation and preparation considerations everyone should think about


Florida’s New GPS Law and Where It Applies

Private citizens who use GPS devices against others now face criminal prosecution and penalties


Articles Featuring Lawyers

Craig Mitchelldyer

Sullivan for the Plaintiff, Angeli for the Defense

How two employment attorneys from across the aisle joined forces

Featuring Dana L. Sullivan, …

Downhill Lawyer

To improve his practice, Brad Stanford hit the slopes

Featuring Brad C. Stanford

WANTED: Trial Opportunities for Young Lawyers

We want the jury system to thrive, not just survive.


Featuring Daniel H. Skerritt

Discovery with Paul Southwick

The litigator talks Judge Darleen Ortega, Ta-Nehisi Coates, and which politician he can imitate

Featuring Paul Southwick

Local Counsel with Kimberly A. (Sugawa-Fujinaga) Stuart

The Portland attorney tells us what’s good in the neighborhood

Featuring Kimberly A. Stuart

‘Just a [Supreme] Thrill’

An oral history of local lawyers who clerked in the rarefied chambers of the U.S. Supreme Court, for justices ranging from William O. Douglas to Stephen Breyer

Featuring Douglas A. Winthrop, …

Gregory Cowley

Game Changer

How Daralyn Durie and high-tech clients like Google are shaping the future of copyright law

Featuring Daralyn J. Durie

Gregory Cowley

The Lawyer Judges Wish They Could Clone

Rick Watters keeps his focus on the client—and his ego in check

Featuring Richard C. Watters

Liquid Assets

For local lawyers in love with the grape, options range from helping vintners finance land deals to producing wine of their own

Featuring Jill S. Dodd, …

Uncommon Courtesy

Bill Smith is determined to bring back good manners

Featuring William B. Smith

For a Friend of a Friend of a Friend

Yosef Peretz has taken on heavyweights like Tesla, but he always finds time to help those down on their luck hang onto their homes

Featuring Yosef Peretz

Discovery with Steven G. Churchwell

The Sacramento attorney, who has been lead counsel on a score of statewide initiative and referendum measures, reveals his inner Elvis

Featuring Steven G. Churchwell

Local Counsel with Benjamin E. Shiftan

The San Francisco attorney tells us what’s good in the neighborhood

Featuring Benjamin E. Shiftan

‘Still Dancing Backwards in High Heels’

An oral history of Minnesota women who started practicing law in the 1960s and ’70s

Featuring Susan M. Lach, …

Richard Fleischman

Matters of Life and Death

Susan Link has a deep devotion to estate planning. Her pro bono work with Wills For Heroes is a big reason why

Featuring Susan J. Link

Richard Fleischman

The Counter-Balancing Force

Dan Gustafson doesn’t shy away from representing society’s biggest pariahs

Featuring Daniel E. Gustafson

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