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Can a parent sue for wrongful death in California?

The death of a child is probably the worst tragedy any parent can experience. The loss is devastating whether the deceased child is a minor or an …

Answered by George Chakmakis, 1 day ago

What is the difference between being sentenced in state court and federal court in California?

The difference between state and federal criminal prosecutions can be surprising to many people unfamiliar with both systems. Federal sentencing …

Answered by Anthony M. Solis, 2 months ago

What rights do I have as a pregnant employee in California?

Many women are concerned about what their rights are when they become pregnant. This is intended to be a practical guide about what rights pregnant …

Answered by Christopher R. LeClerc, 2 months ago

Articles from Northern California Super Lawyers
I Don’t Know What I’d Do Otherwise

I Don’t Know What I’d Do Otherwise
By Stan Sinberg
2015 Northern California Super Lawyers

An oral history of attorneys who remember wearing fedoras and watch fobs, hopping the “C” train to the office, and triumphantly negotiating a salary of $9,000. A year.

Details, Details

Details, Details
By Rose Nisker
2015 Northern California Super Lawyers

How Kathryn Doi’s penchant for wading through regulations helped save dental coverage for millions of Californians

When Lawyers Need Lawyers
By Larry Rosen
2015 Northern California Super Lawyers

Karen Goodman defends attorneys facing malpractice claims; Bill Gwire puts them in the hot seat

Annette Hurst: Defending Your Right to Skip Ads

Annette Hurst: Defending Your Right to Skip Ads
By Joe Mullich
2015 Northern California Super Lawyers

How she got a judge to reject broadcasters’ demands for an injunction against DISH Network

‘We All Need Help Sometimes’
By Dan Fost
2015 Northern California Super Lawyers

Why Russell Austin can’t say no to community service

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