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How do you divide stock options in a divorce? My husband claims they are his separate property. What are my rights to these benefits and how do I get my share. We live in Sunnyvale, California.

In California, the formulas for determining the community interest in options that are granted during marriage but not vested until after separation …

Answered by Salomon Quintero, 1 week ago

Can I Sue A Company For Wrongful Termination In California?

What is a wrongful termination?  Simply put, it is one based on an employee's: Physical disability Mental disability Race Religion or religious …

Answered by Howard Rutten, 2 weeks ago

What can I do if my insurance company denies my claim in California?

You may be able to sue your insurance company. If an insurance company breaches its promise and fails to honor its contract, you have the right to …

Answered by Lee S. Harris, 2 weeks ago

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The Ownership Society

The Ownership Society
By Joe Mullich
San Diego Super Lawyers 2013

What makes Andrews Lagasse Branch & Bell work?

The Nonprofit Motive
By Jessica Tam
San Diego Super Lawyers 2013

How Darryl Solberg helps organizations become tax-exempt

The General

The General
By Erik Lundegaard
San Diego Super Lawyers 2013


The Defense (Never) Rests

The Defense (Never) Rests
By Joe Mullich
San Diego Super Lawyers 2012

John H. Gomez was already a top trial lawyer; then he went back to college—Gerry Spence’s

Collaborative Art

Collaborative Art
By Erik Lundegaard
San Diego Super Lawyers 2012

How an expertise in poisoning led Alexandra Kwoka to family law

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