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Ask Super Lawyers

What can I do if I am being sexually harassed at work in California?

Sexual harassment in the workplace can be a big problem. It can make you feel so uncomfortable at work that you cannot do a good job and may even …

Answered by Navid Yadegar, 2 weeks ago

What are the 5 important steps toward a personal injury settlement in California?

#1) Gather pertinent information. As an example, if you have been injured in a car accident, be sure to gather pertinent information from the other …

Answered by Joel Baruch, 1 month ago

What to look for in a lawyer when a loved one has sustained a serious brain injury in California?

The first steps someone should take if a loved one has sustained a serious brain injury is to find a lawyer immediately. It’s important to find a …

Answered by James F. Tierney, III, 2 months ago

Articles from San Diego Super Lawyers
The Ownership Society

The Ownership Society
By Joe Mullich
2013 San Diego Super Lawyers

What makes Andrews Lagasse Branch & Bell work?

The Nonprofit Motive
By Jessica Tam
2013 San Diego Super Lawyers

How Darryl Solberg helps organizations become tax-exempt

The General

The General
By Erik Lundegaard
2013 San Diego Super Lawyers


The Defense (Never) Rests

The Defense (Never) Rests
By Joe Mullich
2012 San Diego Super Lawyers

John H. Gomez was already a top trial lawyer; then he went back to college—Gerry Spence’s

Collaborative Art

Collaborative Art
By Erik Lundegaard
2012 San Diego Super Lawyers

How an expertise in poisoning led Alexandra Kwoka to family law

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