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The firm Wheeler Trigg O'Donnell LLP was established as Wheeler Trigg Kennedy on February 1, 1998, by a core group of experienced attorneys who wanted to practice within a firm that focused all of its resources and skills on civil trials. As an entrepreneurial law firm, we focus our practice on complex civil litigation for Fortune 500 clients and other successful entities that have a strong interest in protecting their brand names, services, people and customers. The majority of our work is in federal and state courtrooms, and administrative venues outside of Colorado.

We handle trials, appeals, arbitrations and other areas related to complex civil litigation, including early case assessments, pretrial negotiations, internal investigations, class actions and multidistrict litigation, on a local, regional and national scale. Our attorneys excel at all stages of complex civil litigation, including pretrial, trial, post-trial and appellate.

Nationally recognized for its significant experience in substantive practice areas of interest to corporations, our firm handles cases, including commercial litigation, product liability, employment, franchise, insurance, personal injury defense, intellectual property and professional liability. Chambers USA 2011 ranked Wheeler Trigg O'Donnell among the top 12 product liability litigation firms in the U.S., and among the top four commercial litigation firms in Colorado. Additionally, U.S.News/Best Lawyers ranked our firm in the national first tier for mass tort litigation/class actions defense, in the national third tier for two practice areas, and in the first tier in Denver for 11 practice areas on its 2011-2012 list of "Best Law Firms."

We use the knowledge gained through our extensive trial experience to our clients' advantage when conducting internal investigations, early case assessments, pretrial negotiations and counseling to avoid future litigation.

Wheeler Trigg O'Donnell LLP attorneys selected to Super Lawyers
Michael L. O'Donnell

Michael L. O'Donnell

Personal Injury - Products: Defense, Class Action/Mass Torts, Professional Liability: Defense
Selected: 2006 - 2014

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Mark T. Clouatre

Mark T. Clouatre

Business Litigation, Franchise/Dealership
Selected: 2006, 2011 - 2014

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Terence M. Ridley

Terence M. Ridley

Insurance Coverage, Class Action/Mass Torts, Business Litigation
Selected: 2006 - 2014

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John P. Streelman

John P. Streelman

Franchise/Dealership, General Litigation, Personal Injury - Medical Malpractice: Defense
Selected: 2012 - 2014

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Representative Clients:

  • Representation of Fortune 5 Company as National Resolution Counsel in Hundreds of Cases Pending in Multi-District Litigation and State Courts
  • Representation of Medical Device Company as National Trial Counsel for Hundreds of Claims and Lawsuits
  • Colorado Pathology Consultants v. PST Services and PST Products
  • City of Longmont v. Muir
  • USAA v. Porsche Cars North America
  • Hannah v. Crown Equipment
  • Murphy v. Ford Motor Co.
  • Burd v. Frey
  • Bonti v. Ford Motor Co.
  • Certified Financial Planners Board v. Wallace
  • Symonette v. Ford Motor Co.
  • Snead v. Ford Motor Co.
  • Dabydeen v. Ford Motor Co.
  • Araujo v. Ford Motor Co.
  • Hession v. Ford Motor Co.
  • Goulah v. Ford Motor Co.
  • Mallory Nelson et al. v. Ford Motor Co.
  • Union Pacific v. International Insurance
  • Sonoco Products Company v. Newark Paper Products
  • Cornerstone v. BDO Seidman LLP
  • Scott v. Conoco
  • Diamond Shamrock v. Conoco
  • Rieder v. Hallmark
  • Denver v. Coors
  • Denver v. Conoco
  • CoPIRG v. Conoco
  • Taylor v. Charter Medical Corporation
  • Kaiser v. Frates
  • Stearns v. Jetway
  • Laser Tech v. BDO Seidman LLP
  • Golan v. Ashcroft
  • Castle Rock v. Conoco
  • Williams v. Whirlpool Corporation
  • Gray v. Ford Motor Co.
  • Steenbergen v. Ford Motor Co.
  • State of Indiana v. Ford Motor Co.
  • Maheu v. Summa Corp.
  • Harris v. Ford Motor Co.
  • Nguyen v. Whirlpool Corporation
  • Montag v. Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
  • Oja v. Howmedica Inc.
  • Binakonsky v. Ford Motor Co.
  • Macko v. Ford Motor Co.
  • Prevailed in Over 50 APIP Insurance Cases in Colorado
  • Representation of Numerous Law Firms in United States in Legal Malpractice Cases
  • Representation of Fortune 500 Manufacturer as National Coordinating Counsel for 3,000 Asbestos Cases
  • Representation of Fortune 500 Medical Device Company as National Trial Counsel for 400 Claims and Lawsuits
  • Ohio Pub. Interest Campaign v. Fisher Foods, Inc., 04.27.1982
  • La Casa Nino, Inc. v. Plaza Esteban, 10.11.1988
  • Slay v. Ford Motor Co., 08.09.1989
  • Doherty v. Ford Motor Co., 12.08.1989
  • Spulak v. K Mart Corp., 01.18.1990
  • Ray Slavin Ford, Inc. v. Ford Motor Co., 01.30.1990
  • Zavala v. General Motors, 11.30.1991
  • Helm v. Toyota, 04.27.1992
  • Shrum v. Ford Motor Co., 11.16.1992
  • Marrs v. Ford Motor Co., 01.27.1993
  • Wright v. Ford Motor Co., 07.01.1993
  • Garza v. Ford Motor Co., 09.01.1993
  • Winters v. Ford Motor Co., 12.20.1993
  • Men-Guer Chrysler-Plymouth, Inc. v. Chrysler Corp., Nos. 92-3923, 92-3924, 1994 WL 7609, 6th Cir. Jan 12, 1994
  • Chrysler Corp. v. Lee Janssen Motor Co., 534 N.W. 2d 568, 01.01.1995
  • Brandon Chrysler Plymouth Jeep Eagle, Inc. v. Chrysler Corp., 898 F.Supp. 858, M.D. Fla., 09.08.1995
  • WTO's telecommunications carrier client obtains Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals reversal of trial court's refusal to send contract dispute to arbitration. Case successfully resolved after Ninth Circuit ruling, 09.24.1995
  • Teitloff v. Valcon Materials Co., 01.31.1996
  • Martin v. Ford Motor Co., 01.31.1996
  • Angelopolus v. Ford Motor Co., 03.06.1996
  • Waters v. Ford Motor Co., 03.13.1996
  • Wofford v. Ford Motor Co., 03.22.1996
  • Turnquest v. Ford Motor Co., 02.18.1997
  • Hubbard v. Ford Motor Co., 02.26.1997
  • Barnhill v. Ford Motor Co., 04.03.1997
  • DeMarco v. Ford Motor Co., 05.08.1997
  • Maez v. Mountain States Telephone & Telegraph, 05.23.1997
  • Wolfe v. Ford Motor Co., 05.30.1997
  • Diaz v. Ford Motor Co., 05.30.1997
  • Lebouef v. Ford Motor Co., 06.09.1997
  • White v. BMW of North America, 06.17.1997
  • Martinez v. Ford Motor Co., 06.20.1997
  • LeJeune v. Ford Motor Co., 11.13.1997
  • Tebbetts v. Ford Motor Co., 12.04.1997
  • Chrysler Int'l Corp., v. Cherokee Export Co., 134 F.3d 738, 6th Cir., 01.14.1998
  • Westside-Marrero Jeep Eagle, Inc. v. Chrysler Corp., No. CIV. A. 97-3012, 1998 WL 186705 and 1998 WL 186728, April 17, 1998 E.D. La.
  • Colonial Dodge v. Chrysler Corp., Nos. PR-1584-97, 1585-97, 1586-97, Cal. NMVB Dec. 15, 1998
  • Shamrock Motors, Inc. v. Chrysler Corp., 974 P.2d 1154, Mont. 03.02.1999
  • Chrysler Corp., v. Lee Janssen Motor Co., 619 N.W.2d 78, Neb. Ct. App., 01.01.2000
  • General Motors Corp. v. Monte Zinn Chevrolet Co., 736 N.E.2d 62, Ohio App. 10th Dist., 01.13.2000
  • Geier v. American Honda Co., 05.22.2000
  • Bronk v. Mountain States Telephone & Telegraph, 06.27.2000
  • Northview Motors, Inc. v. Chrysler Motors Corp., 227 F. 3d 78, 3d Cir. 2000, 09.08.2000
  • Clutter Motors, Inc. v. DaimlerChrysler Corp., No. P-440-01, Cal. NMVB, July 11, 2001
  • Streeter Imports, Inc. v. Mercedes Benz USA, LLC, No. 01-00866A (Nev. 1st Jud. Dist. Sept. 13, 2001); appeal dismissed, 105 P.3d 818, Table, No. 38489, 09.13.2001
  • Grimes v. Mazda, 09.28.2001
  • Motus v. Pfizer Inc, 12.20.2001
  • Kenwood Lincoln-Mercury, Inc. v. DaimlerChrysler Corp., No. C-000784, 2002 WL 10073, Ohio Ct. App. Jan. 4, 2002
  • Smith v. Allied, 01.29.2002
  • Miller v. Pfizer Inc, 02.07.2002
  • Clutter Motors, Inc. v. Antelope Valley Nissan, Inc., No. BC 224 799, Cal. Sup. Ct. County of Los Angeles, 05.28.2002
  • Estrada v. Nissan North America, Inc., 06.21.2002
  • McGill/Paige v. Ford Motor Co., 08.09.2002
  • Duarte & Witting, Inc. v. New Motor Vehicle Bd., 128 Cal. Rptr. 2d 501, Cal. Ct. App., 12.18.2002
  • DaimlerChrysler Motors Corp. v. Susan Schein Chrysler, Plymouth, Dodge, Inc., 853 So.2d 925, Ala., 01.10.2003
  • Taylor v. Solvay Pharmaceutical, 02.05.2003
  • Crauwels v. A.B. Volvo, 08.21.2003
  • Kaske v. State of Colorado Department of Transportation, 09.29.2003
  • Vastano v. AT&T Wireless Class Action, 01.01.2004
  • Lamarque Dodge, Inc. v. Julian Graham Dodge, Inc., 887 So.2d 574, La. Ct. App., 01.01.2004
  • Sliman's Sales & Service, Inc. v. DaimlerChrysler Motors Co., No. 02-12-MVDB-272-J, Ohio MVDB Mar. 26, 2004
  • DaimlerChrysler Motors Co. v. Granger Motors, Inc., Docket No. 03DOTDR057, Iowa DIA June 21, 2004
  • Ducek v. Pfizer, Pfizer Granted Summary Judgment in Case Alleging Popular Antidepressant Caused Suicide, 11.22.2004
  • Eghtesad v. DaimlerChrysler, Protest No. PR-1928-04, Cal. NMVB Dec. 16, 2004
  • Rule 12(b) Dismissal of Legal Malpractice Case, 01.01.2005
  • Injunction to Shut Down Ski Area for Trespassing Denied, 01.01.2005
  • Jury Agrees That Distribution of Funds Did Not Violate LLC's Operating Agreement, 01.01.2005
  • Class Certification Denied in Federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act Case, 01.01.2005
  • Jury Finds for Automobile Manufacturer in Wrongful Death Crashworthiness Case, 01.01.2005
  • Jury Returns Defense Verdict in $200M Rollover Crash Case, 01.01.2005
  • Jury Finds Vehicle Not Defective After Rollover Accident, 01.01.2005
  • Perez Investments, Inc. v. DaimlerChrysler Motors Corp., No 03-0033LIC, Texas Dep't of Motor Vehicles, 01.01.2005
  • DaimlerChrysler Motors Co. v. Mississippi Motor Vehicle Comm'n, Civil Action No. 2005-0185, Miss. Lincoln County Ch. Ct. May 26, 2005
  • Bloomington Chrysler Jeep Eagle, Inc. v. DaimlerChrysler Motor Co., L.L.C., No. 01-1222 RHK/JJG, 2005 WL 3577133, D. Minn Dec. 29, 2005
  • Auto Stiegler, Inc. v. Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC, No. CV04-7261, C.D. Cal., 01.01.2006
  • Anchorage Chrysler Center, Inc. v. DaimlerChrysler Corp., 129 P.3d 905, Alaska, 01.01.2006
  • Obtained Summary Judgment in Legal Malpractice Case Claiming $5M in Damages, 01.01.2006
  • Moore v. Bertuzzi, The Vancouver Canucks Hockey Club et al, 01.01.2006
  • Jury Defense Verdict for Hospital in Wrongful Death Case, 01.01.2006
  • Legal Malpractice Case: Obtained 99% Reduction in $150M Damage Claim, 01.01.2006
  • Negotiated $1.2M Settlement in New Mexico Crashworthiness Case Involving Five Deaths, 01.01.2006
  • Defended Bad-Faith Claim Made by Financial Services Firm Facing $100M Liability, 01.01.2006
  • Resolved Multimillion-Dollar Bad-Faith Life Insurance Claim, 01.01.2006
  • No Duty to Defend Against Government's Multimillion-Dollar Claim for Commercial Insurer, 01.01.2006
  • U.S. Tenth Circuit Denies Modification of Insurance Contract to Add PIP Benefits Following Accident, 01.01.2006
  • Precedent-Setting Decision for WTK Client in Manufacturer-Unauthorized Relocation of Dealerships, 01.01.2006
  • Representation of Major Federal Contractor in Alleged Discrimination Issues, 01.01.2006
  • Defense of State of Colorado Pension Trust's Board of Directors in Retiree Benefits Claims, 01.01.2006
  • Defense of National Financial Institution in Federal Lending-Practices Class Action, 01.01.2006
  • Defense of Fortune 500 Energy Company in Federal ERISA Class Action, 01.01.2006
  • Lead Counsel for Major Manufacturing Firm in Pending U.S. District Court ERISA Class Action, 01.01.2006
  • Favorable Resolution in Breach-of-Lease Claim Against Major Wireless Telecommunications Provider, 01.01.2006
  • Defended Telecomm Company From Corporate Customer's Fraud Claim, 01.01.2006
  • Persuaded Plaintiffs to Dismiss Without Settlement All Claims Against Antidepressant Manufacturer, 01.01.2006
  • Defeated Numerous Attempts to Certify Class Actions Against Insurance Companies, 01.01.2006
  • Negotiated 80% Reduction in Requested Attorneys' Fees Following Nationwide Class Action Settlement, 01.01.2006
  • Preserved U.S. S.Ct. Class-Certification Victory in Telephone Consumer Protection Act Case, 01.01.2006
  • DaimlerChrysler Motors Co. v. Lew Williams, Inc., 48 Cal. Rptr. 3d 233, Cal. Ct. App. 2006
  • Thompson's Auto & Truck Center, Inc. v. DaimlerChrysler Motors Company, LLC, Protest No. PR-1965-05, Cal. NMVB June 16, 2006
  • Conroy v. Dennis, Colorado Secretary of State, No. 06-CV-6072, Colo. Oct. 19, 2006
  • Estate of Hill v. Allstate, 479 F.3d 735, 10th Cir., 01.01.2007
  • Campbell v. Allstate Ins. Co., 252 Fed App'x 189 (10th Cir. 2007). Summary judgment affirmed, 01.01.2007
  • White v. Ford Motor Co., 500 F.3d 963 (9th Cir. 2007) - WTK won a reversal and a new trial on the punitive damages phase of a product liability case originally tried by another firm in 1998. WTK persuaded the second jury to award only one-third of the amount awarded in the initial trial, 01.01.2007
  • Non-Partisan Challenge to Security and Accuracy of Direct Record Electronic (DRE) Voting Machines, 01.01.2007
  • Summitville Gold Mine Summary Judgment for Subcontractor, 01.01.2007
  • Appellate Court Affirms Dismissal of Wrongful Death Claims Against Four Doctors, 01.01.2007
  • Jury Defense Verdict in Hospital Medical Malpractice Trial - On Two Weeks' Notice, 01.01.2007
  • 13 Pretrial Dismissals or Summary Judgments for Major Pharmaceutical Manufacturer, 01.01.2007
  • Summary Judgment in Dietary Supplement Wrongful-Death Case, 01.01.2007
  • Defense Verdict in First Asbestos Case Tried to Verdict in Boston in 10 Years, 01.01.2007
  • Summary Judgment in Insurance Carrier Class Action, 01.01.2007
  • Summary Judgment for Two Prominent Insurers, 01.01.2007
  • Obtained Temporary Restraining Order to Stop Former Employee of Health Care Third Party Administrator From Contacting Customers, 01.01.2007
  • Dismissal in Class Action Brought Against National Financial Institution, 01.01.2007
  • Summary Judgment on ERISA Class Action for Major Manufacturer, 01.01.2007
  • No-Cash-Payment, Pretrial Dismissal for Major Appliance Manufacturer, 01.01.2007
  • Pretrial Settlement for Large Oil and Gas Company, 01.01.2007
  • Ford Explorer Class Action Lawsuit, 01.01.2007
  • Dennis v. Whirlpool Corp., Case No. 06-CIV-80784 (S.D. Fla. Mar. 13, 2007) - WTK lawyers led Whirlpool's defense team in this putative nationwide class action alleging that more than one million of our client's products were defective. WTK obtained dismissal with prejudice of the plaintiffs' class action allegations, 03.13.2007
  • Bado Santana v. Ford Motor Company (D.P.R. May 7, 2007) - WTK obtained a complete defense verdict from a Puerto Rico jury in favor of client Ford Motor Company in a two-week product liability trial in which the plaintiff alleged design defects in an automobile, 05.07.2007
  • White v. Ford Motor Co., 500 F.3d 963, 9th Cir., WTK Wins Reversal and New Trial on Punitive Damages Phase of Product Liability Case Involving Ford Motor Company, 08.30.2007
  • Villalpando v. Denver Health and Hospital Authority, 181 P.3d 357 (Colo.App. 2007) - The Colorado Court of Appeals affirmed a lower court's dismissal of the plaintiff's wrongful death claims made over the medical treatment defendants provided her husband before his death, 11.15.2007
  • Ganyard v. Allstate Ins. Co., 2008 WL 2536269, Colo. App., Ganyard v. Allstate Ins. Co., 2008 WL 2536269, Colo. App. 2008. Summary judgment affirmed, 01.01.2008
  • Allen v. Martin, 203 P.3d 546 (Colo. App. 2008). Summary judgment affirmed on a previously undecided question of Colorado law, 01.01.2008
  • Wobst v. Allstate Ins. Co., 262 Fed. App'x 75 (10th Cir. 2008) - Summary judgment affirmed, 01.01.2008
  • Arbitration Panel Rules for Securities Broker-Dealer and Against Its Former CEO, 01.01.2008
  • After finding that the plaintiff was fired for insubordination, The U.S. District Court for the District of Colorado granted summary judgment on behalf of WTO's client, a large telecommunications company, in this whistleblower case, 01.01.2008
  • In a brand-protection case that WTK handled for a well-known appliance manufacturing company, WTK obtained a temporary restraining order in Denver District Court against an appliance retail outlet and its owner, 01.01.2008
  • Obtained a judgment of over $1.2 million on counterclaim for breach of contract in this commercial dispute arising out of the plaintiff's non-payment for custom motorcycle parts, 01.01.2008
  • Friedland v. TIC and Geosyntec Consultants, C.A. No. 04-cv-01263-REB-KLM, 2008 WL 185693, D. Colo. Jan. 18, 2008
  • Stewart v. Foster Wheeler Energy Corp., No. LACV 66388, D.Iowa Mar. 17, 2008
  • Denver Heart Surgeon Wins Med Mal Lawsuit, 03.19.2008
  • McNellis v. Pfizer, Nos. 06-3107 and 06-5148, 2008 WL 927848, 3d Cir. Apr. 8, 2008
  • Thunder Mountain Custom Cycles v. Thiessen Products, 72 Fed.R.Serv.3d 604, D.Colo., 05.09.2008
  • Granite State Ins. Co. v. Ken Caryl Ranch Master Ass'n, 183 P.3d 563, Colo. 05.12.2008
  • Murry v. GuideOne, 194 P.3d 489, Colo.App., 09.04.2008
  • Two Brothers Defeat Third Brother's Breach of Contract Claim, 10.07.2008
  • Rush v. Whirlpool Corp., 2008 WL 509562, W.D. Ark. Feb. 22, 2008
  • Summary Judgment for Medical Device Manufacturer Based on Federal Preemption Law, 11.14.2008
  • New York Supreme Court Denies Discovery Sanction, 01.01.2009
  • Colorado Coffee Bean, LLC v. Peaberry Coffee, Inc., 2006 CV 4514, Colo. Jan. 6, 2009
  • Hudgins v. Southwest Airlines, Co., 212 P.3d 810 (Ariz. App. 2009). Obtained 88% reduction in punitive damages award, 01.12.2009
  • Larry Menke, Inc. v. DaimlerChrysler Motors Co., 90 Cal. Rptr. 3d 389, 02.09.2009
  • Des Moines Chrysler v. Dep't of Transp. Office of Vehicle Servs., No. 08DOTMF005, Iowa DIA Feb. 16, 2009
  • Fletcher v. Pizza Hut, No. 08cv00816, E.D.Va. Feb. 27, 2009
  • Friedland v. TIC and Geosyntec Consultants, 566 F.3d 1203, 10th Cir., 05.29.2009
  • Shaw v. Pizza Hut, No. 8:08-27, M.D. Fl. Jun. 10, 2009
  • Morgan v. Ford Motor Co., No. 34139, W.V. Sup. Jun. 18, 2009
  • In re Old Carco LLC f/k/a/ Chrysler LLC, No. 09-50002, Bankr. S.D.N.Y. Jun. 19, 2009
  • Pelletier v. Alfa Laval Inc , No. BC381497, Cal. Sup. Jun. 26, 2009
  • Century Motor Corporation v. Ed Bergen, No. 09-04135 (Bankr. E.D. Mo.) and No. 09-50002 (Bankr. S.D.N.Y.), 07.01.2009
  • Kail v. Whirlpool Corp., No. 09-cv-00500-MSK-KLM, D. Colo., 09.01.2009
  • Mulcahy v. Rapid American Corp., No. 08-L-006223, Ill. Sept. 4, 2009
  • Scoggins v. Encompass Ins. Co., 2009 WL 2964992, Colo. App. Sept. 17, 2009. Affirmed finding of no liability after bench trial, 09.17.2009
  • WTO wins complete defense verdict on behalf of food store in personal injury defense case, 10.02.2009
  • Tietsworth v. Sears, Roebuck and Co., 2009 WL 3320486, N.D. Cal., 10.13.2009
  • In re Whirlpool Corp. Front-Loading Washer Products Liability Litigation, 2009 WL 3712649, N.D. Ohio, 11.04.2009
  • Scoggins v. Encompass Ins. Co., 2010 WL 664526 (Colo. App. Feb. 25, 2010). Successfully defended award of costs to client, 02.25.2010
  • California Appeals Court Affirms Preemption of Claims Against Guidant's Medical Device, 03.10.2010
  • Borders v. Aspen Equestrian Estates, LLC, Case No. 08CV3026 (Colo. D. Ct. Mar. 16, 2010). Favorable verdict in complex real estate case, 03.16.2010
  • Saaremets v. Whirlpool Corp., Case No. 2:09-cv-02337-FCD-EFB (E.D. Cal. Mar. 19, 2010). Dismissal of plaintiff's class action complaint granted, 03.19.2010
  • Fresno Motors v. Mercedes-Benz USA, No. 1:10cv012 AWI DLB (U.S.D.C. E.D.Cal., Mar. 22, 2010). Dealer's petition to compel arbitration denied, 03.22.2010
  • AT&T Successfully Defended in Whistleblower Case, 05.07.2010
  • Chrysler Group Franchise Arbitrations. WTO co-managed the response to 418 dealer arbitration requests and litigated 187 of the arbitrations, 07.31.2010
  • Jury Verdict for Orthopedic Spine Surgeon in Medical Malpractice Case, 09.27.2010
  • WTO Successfully Defends Law Firm Against RICO and Conspiracy Claims, 11.01.2010
  • Chrysler Granted Summary Judgment in Preemption Case Involving the Award of Future Franchises, 12.10.2010
  • Arbitration Award for Insurance Company Client in Dispute Over Network Purchase Price, 12.10.2010
  • Jury Verdict for Heart Surgeon in Medical Malpractice Case, 12.10.2010
  • Jury Verdict for AT&T in Premises Liability Case, 12.15.2010
  • Ford Successfully Defended Against Electronic Throttle Defect Claim, 12.17.2010
  • Arbitration Award for Law Firm Client in Legal Malpractice Case, 01.03.2011
  • Ford v. Eicher, No. 09SC229 (Colo. Mar. 21, 2011), represented the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists as amicus curiae, 03.21.2011
  • Ford v. Eicher, No. 09SC229 (Colo. Mar. 21, 2011), represented the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists as amicus curiae, 03.21.2011
  • Doe ex rel. Parker v. Washington Hospital Center Corp., Civil Case No. 2009 CA 005669 M (D.C. Super. Ct. Mar. 22, 2011). Defense verdict for hospital in medical malpractice lawsuit, 03.22.2011
  • WTO successfully represents food company as plaintiff in breach-of-contract dispute, 04.13.2011
  • WTO's Construction Consultant Client Granted SJ in Civil Matter Related to Xcel Energy's Criminal Trial, 06.01.2011
  • Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC v. Star Automobile Co., No. 3:11-cv-73 (CAR), 2011 WL 2175037 (M.D. Ga. Jun. 3, 2011) - WTO's Client, Mercedes-Benz USA, granted preliminary injunction in dealership breach-of-contract dispute, 06.03.2011
  • Apodaca v. Allstate Insurance, Case No. 10SC39 (Colo. June 20, 2011) - Colorado Supreme Court decision favorable to WTO client and all Colorado automobile insurers, 06.20.2011
  • Cowan v. Stovall, No. 08-2338 (6th Cir. Jul. 19, 2011) - The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit overturned the trial court's ruling in a federal habeas corpus appeal by a WTO pro bono client represented by Evan Stephenson, 07.19.2011
  • Defense verdict for Washington Hospital Center in medical malpractice lawsuit, 09.13.2011
  • WTO wins verdict in Illinois case involving the defense of professional malpractice claims in connection with financial planning and investment advice, 10.04.2011
  • WTO wins summary judgment in case alleging fraud and violation of consumer protection laws on behalf of life insurance company, 10.14.2011
  • WTO obtains defense verdict in favor of a Colorado bariatic surgeon in the Denver District Court, 10.20.2011
  • WTO obtains a preliminary injunction enforcing its client's noncompetition agreement with a former employee after a two-day hearing in Jefferson County, Colorado, 12.30.2011
  • Golan v. Holder, 2012 WL 125436, No. 10-545 (S.Ct. Jan. 18, 2012) - WTO represented the plaintiffs in a landmark pro bono case that challenged the constitutionality of Congress's restoration of copyright protection for artistic works that had previously existed in the public domain, 01.18.2012
  • WTO obtains a favorable settlement on behalf of a large excess insurance company in a medical malpractice case, 01.23.2012
  • WTO obtains a full defense verdict on behalf of a Florida hospital in a three-week medical malpractice trial in Vero Beach, Florida, 01.24.2012
  • Aggressive work in early discovery results in defense victory in bank employment discrimination case, 03.07.2012
  • Chrysler v. Colorado Secretary of State et al., No. 10 Civ. 8283(PKC), 2012 WL 893614 (S.D.N.Y. Mar 12., 2012) - WTO obtained summary judgment on behalf of Chrysler Group LLC and Old Carco Motors LLC in federal district court for the Southern District of New York, 03.12.2012
  • WTO obtains a favorable trial verdict in Denver District Court on behalf of its Denver law firm client in a legal malpractice matter, 03.23.2012
  • Fresno Motors v. Mercedes-Benz USA, No. 1:11-cv-02000-CJC, 2012 WL 1038004 (E.D.Cal. Mar. 27, 2012) - WTO obtains summary judgment on behalf of Mercedes-Benz USA in California federal district court, 03.27.2012
  • Star Chrysler-Jeep v. Chrysler Group LLC (C.D.Cal. Apr. 9, 2012) - WTO secures a motion for summary judgment in a franchise case of national significance on behalf of Chrysler Group LLC, 04.09.2012
  • WTO successfully defends the appeal of a 2009 jury verdict in a personal injury case in the New Mexico Court of Appeals, 04.30.2012
  • WTO obtains a complete defense verdict on behalf of a Philadelphia psychiatric hospital in a two-day medical malpractice arbitration, 05.01.2012
  • WTO wins crucial New Chrysler dealership trial in Nevada, 06.05.2012
  • WTO wins favorable verdict in real estate finance trial, 06.08.2012
  • WTO successfully defends a trucking company against negligence claims arising from a nine-vehicle accident, 06.19.2012
  • Yum! Brands - National Trial Counsel
  • Whirlpool - National Trial Counsel
  • Westport Insurance
  • Wal-Mart
  • Volvo Trucks North America
  • Vestas Wind Systems - National Trial Counsel
  • Velan - National Trial Counsel
  • Vancouver Canucks National Hockey
  • USAA
  • University of Colorado
  • Universal Health Services - National Trial Counsel
  • United States Olympic Committee
  • Travelers
  • Toyota - Regional Trial Counsel
  • Titan Insurance
  • TIG Insurance
  • The Hartford
  • Texas Instruments
  • Terex
  • Swiss Re - National Trial Counsel
  • Spirit AeroSystems Inc.
  • Sears
  • Ritz-Carlton, Denver
  • Quest Diagnostics
  • QEP Resources
  • Premier Insurance - National Trial Counsel
  • PNC Mortgage, a Division of PNC Bank - Regional Trial Counsel
  • Pfizer - National Trial Counsel
  • Pfizer
  • PepsiCo
  • Pepsi Bottling
  • OneBeacon
  • Northrop Grumman
  • Nissan North America
  • New Global Telecom
  • Nationwide Insurance
  • MWH Global
  • Mitsubishi
  • MetLife - Regional Trial Counsel
  • Meritain, Inc.
  • Merck
  • Mercedes-Benz - National Trial Counsel
  • MedStar Health - National Trial Counsel
  • Medical Protective - National Trial Counsel
  • Media News Group
  • McKesson
  • Mazda
  • Maytag
  • Marriott Hotel Services, Inc.
  • Marconi Communications
  • Mack Trucks
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Lifepoint Hospitals
  • Lawyers and Law Firms
  • Larry H. Miller Group
  • Landry's Seafood House
  • Kubota Tractor
  • Johns Manville
  • ING
  • Illinois Tool Works
  • Honeywell International
  • Honda
  • High net-worth individuals
  • Heery International
  • Health Care Indemnity - National Trial Counsel
  • HCA - National Trial Counsel
  • Hanover Professionals
  • GuideOne Insurance
  • Guidant - National Trial Counsel
  • Group 1 Automotive
  • Great-West Life
  • GMAC Insurance
  • Global Aerospace - National Trial Counsel
  • GeoSyntec Consultants
  • Georgia-Pacific
  • General Motors
  • General Electric - National Trial Counsel
  • GE Healthcare - National Trial Counsel
  • GE Healthcare - National Resolution Counsel
  • Furniture Row
  • Foster Wheeler - National Trial Counsel
  • Ford Motor - National Trial Counsel
  • FMC - Regional Trial Counsel
  • FedEx Ground Package System
  • Encompass Insurance
  • EnCana
  • El Paso Corporation
  • Duke Energy
  • Dean Foods
  • Dana Corporation - National Trial Counsel
  • Crown Equipment
  • Crocs - National Trial Counsel
  • COPIC Insurance
  • CoorsTek
  • Cooper Tire & Rubber
  • Cooper Industries - National Trial Counsel
  • Continental Airlines
  • ConocoPhillips - Regional Trial Counsel
  • CNA - National Trial Counsel
  • Clear Channel Communications
  • Chrysler Group - National Trial Counsel
  • CenturyLink
  • Celotex - Regional Trial Counsel
  • BP America Production
  • Boston Scientific - National Trial Counsel
  • BDO Seidman
  • AT&T
  • Anheuser-Busch - Regional Trial Counsel
  • Amica Mutual Insurance Co.
  • American National Bank
  • American International Group (AIG)
  • Allstate - Regional Trial and Appellate Counsel
  • Advanced Bionics - National Trial Counsel

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