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Cindy Larson
(651) 848-9964
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For questions about the Super Lawyers or Rising Stars selection process and to find out how to nominate an outstanding attorney in your state.

Julie Gleason
Director of Research
(651) 687-2089
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Do you know an interesting story for Super Lawyers? The editor welcomes suggestions for articles.

Erik Lundegaard
(206) 838-4177
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For reprints, certificates, and magazine copies.

Tina Justison
Production Manager
(302) 444-9489
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Media Inquiries

For reporters or members of the media writing about Super Lawyers.

Alex Cook
(651) 687-6319
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To learn about advertising opportunities in Super Lawyers publications, please contact the associate publisher for your state or region.

Florida, Virginia, West Virginia

Aaron Andreen:
(855) 737- 7863
(855) 737-7863 (fax)
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Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Minnesota, New York, Ohio, Upstate New York, Wisconsin

Richard Ausman:
(800) 427-7570
(866) 357-4219 (fax)
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Delaware, Maryland, New England (Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont), New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Washington DC

Dave Burris:
(877) 433-0780
(866) 541-6276 (fax)
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Mountain States (Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming), Northern California, Southern California

Chris Castleberry:
(855) 778-1657
(866) 655-9589 (fax)
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Northern California, San Diego, Southern California, Texas

June Ford:
(866) 425-7254
(866) 270-5969 (fax)
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Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Mid-South (Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee), Northern California, Pennsylvania, Southwest (Arizona and New Mexico), Texas

Nick Hansen:
(855) 238-4301
(866) 439-1813 (fax)
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Colorado, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri & Kansas, New York, Ohio, Washington, Wisconsin

Matt Kusilek:
(866) 354-6288
(866) 483-1216 (fax)
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Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, New England (Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire), New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Washington DC

Camille Lane:
(877) 889-0799
(866) 253-4240 (fax)
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Oregon, Florida, Washington

Dan Lehman:
(877) 650-4578
(866) 740-2160 (fax)
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Alaska, Connecticut, Hawaii, Indiana, New England (Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont), Oregon, Rhode Island, Southern California, Southwest (Arizona and New Mexico), Upstate New York, Washington

Amy Omenn:
(800) 596-0854
(866) 795-0468 (fax)
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Great Plains (Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota), Michigan, Missouri & Kansas, New Jersey, Northern California, Oklahoma, Southern California, Washington DC

Robert Poncin:
(855) 208-1263
(651) 848-9502 (fax)
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Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Michigan, Missouri & Kansas, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas

Kathy Schwab:
(800) 795-4495
(866) 541-8019 (fax)
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Matt Anderson:
(651) 244-6199
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Julia Bobadilla-Melby:
(651) 244-6185
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Dunia Chatham:
(651) 687-6691
(651) 848-9520 (fax)
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Brett Fritsche:
(651) 687-6679
(651) 848-9949 (fax)
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Michael Loonan:
(651) 244-2321
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Neil Mykelbust:
(651) 244-6197
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Amy Voigt:
(651) 244-6198
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Sales Manager


Joe Rodriguez
(954) 610-5470
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Online: Profile Services

If you have questions about your online profile, please contact:

Profile Services
(302) 444-9504
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