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What Is the Best Way to Find a Family Law / Divorce Lawyer in Georgia?

Going through a divorce or other family law matter can be a confusing experience, so enlisting the aid of a trained professional is usually in your …

Answered by Amy K. Waggoner, 2 weeks ago

Does equitable division mean equal division when marital property is divided between spouses in a Georgia divorce?

The first question that many divorcing people have is whether they or their spouse are entitled to half of the marital property. The short answer is …

Answered by R. Scott Berryman, 2 months ago

What is the best way to find a criminal defense attorney in Georgia?

What makes a great criminal defense attorney? Tenacity, experience and connections. If you are seeking the best criminal defense lawyer for your …

Answered by Cory E. Yager, 5 months ago

Articles from Georgia Super Lawyers
John Mayoue Declines to Comment

John Mayoue Declines to Comment
By Candice Dyer
2015 Georgia Super Lawyers

The notoriously tight-lipped celebrity divorce lawyer opens up … but not about Jane, M.J. and Usher

The Best Lawyer Bobby Lee Cook Has Seen

The Best Lawyer Bobby Lee Cook Has Seen
By Jerry Grillo
2015 Georgia Super Lawyers

What criminal defense attorney Steve Sadow knows can acquit you

The Muckraker

The Muckraker
By Kenna Simmons
2015 Georgia Super Lawyers

Linley Jones represents the ultimate “little guy”—someone who wants to sue a lawyer

Kathy Portnoy’s Complaint
By Amy Kates
2015 Georgia Super Lawyers

She brought Updike and Mailer to Atlanta, but couldn’t land Philip Roth

Eminent in His Domain
By Amy Kates
2015 Georgia Super Lawyers

Charles N. Pursley is all condemnation, all the time

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