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Articles from Kentucky Super Lawyers
The Big Guy

The Big Guy
By RJ Smith
2015 Ohio Super Lawyers

Pierce Hamblin’s tactical weapons include humor, listening skills and powers of persuasion. Plus an Elvis shrine

Power Broker
By Jessica Tam
2015 Ohio Super Lawyers

Todd V. McMurtry carries on a family tradition in his litigation and municipal practice

Charles the Fourth: a.k.a. ‘Mike’

Charles the Fourth: a.k.a. ‘Mike’
By Amy Kates
2012 Kentucky Super Lawyers

Charles Joseph Cronan IV on Nos. I, II and III; the beginning of health care law; and how a boyhood love for fire engines led him to a game-changing case

The Coal Miner's Son
By Nancy Henderson
2008 Kentucky Super Lawyers

Low-key energy lawyer Bruce Cryder is a giant in his field

What I Learned From Bert T. Combs
By Maggie Koerth-Baker
2008 Kentucky Super Lawyers

Twenty years later, Debra Dawahare remembers working with the late governor  

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