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The Four Things to Look for in a Personal Injury Case in Colorado

People who complain about frivolous lawsuits have no idea

Finding a Personal Injury Attorney in New York City

Painless tips to incorporate into your search

Accidents Will Happen

Here’s what to do, just in case, in New York 

Liability, I Choose You!

Legal concerns surrounding Pokémon Go in Illinois

Washington State’s Strict Liability for Dog Bites

Are owners responsible even if their dog has never previously bit anyone?

The Dog Days of Litigation

Legal issues surrounding dog bites in New York City

I Fell and I Can’t Pay Up

How to recover damages in a West Virginia slip-and-fall accident

Getting Damages from a Car Accident That Wasn’t Your Fault

How to establish proportional comparative fault in a Wisconsin

Whose Fault is It?

How to determine fault and recover damages in a Tennessee car accident suit

Can I Sue When Someone’s Dog Bites Me?

The laws regarding dog bites in Nevada

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