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Corey Hengen

Batting Cleanup

Personal injury lawyer Patrick A. Salvi is a powerhouse in the courtroom and as a ballclub …

Featuring Patrick A. Salvi

‘I’ve Got This’

How civil rights lawyer Dana Kurtz used her legal skills to overcome a family tragedy

Featuring Dana L. Kurtz

One Foot in the Future

Why Edelson PC takes its cues from tech startups

Featuring Jay Edelson

Chicago’s Hospitality Lawyer

Larry Eppley helps clients transform historic buildings into high-end hotels

Featuring Lawrence C. Eppley

It Gets Better

Meet a couple of re-married divorce attorneys

Featuring Kristen J. Carey, …

Local Counsel with Blaine C. Kimrey

The Chicago attorney tells us what’s good in the neighborhood

Featuring Blaine C. Kimrey

‘The Chief Is Eating My Sandwich’

And other memories of the high court from eight former SCOTUS clerks

Featuring Brian J. Murray, …

Romero & Romero

Quit or Get Better

James Boren has dedicated his life to tough cases in which clients’ lives are often on the …

Featuring James E. Boren

Tribulations About Trials

Whereby Judge Dodd gives young lawyers advice about ‘Wherebys’


Thrillers Gotta Thrill

Three local attorneys have second lives as historical thriller authors

Featuring Van R. Mayhall, Jr., …

Beating the Odds

Glenn Armentor pays it forward by giving needy kids a leg up

Featuring Glenn J. Armentor

Taking on Jimmy Swaggart

25 years ago, Hunter Lundy’s life and career took shape because of the televangelist …

Featuring Hunter W. Lundy

Discovery with Sara C. Valentine

Notorious pen hoarder Sara C. Valentine on her courtroom walk-up music

Featuring Sara C. Valentine

Luigi Ciuffetelli

The Untouchables

Whether defending public enemy No.1 or Baltimore’s most reviled …

Featuring Joshua R. Treem

The Crisis at Hand

Stuart Knotts Skok’s unique knowledge of divorces involving children with special needs

Featuring Stuart Knotts Skok

The Music Man

Steve Elville helps tune up local music programs

Featuring Stephen R. Elville

The Riveter

Lisa Sparks opens doors to the law for underprivileged girls

Featuring Lisa D. Sparks

Tech Support

How an early fascination with programming led Michael Oliver to computer law

Featuring Michael D. Oliver

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