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Chris Tucker


IP specialist Jennifer Ko Craft thinks way outside the box—or any other many-sided shape …

Featuring Jennifer Ko Craft

Into the (Idaho) Wild

Environmental attorney Murray Feldman on the book that anthologizes the state’s natural …

Featuring Murray D. Feldman

Putting the Cards on the Table

Brent Cromley: Litigator. Mediator. Politician. Magician

Featuring Brent R. Cromley

Discovery with Kathryn “Kass” Harstad

Kass Harstad traded in an office on the 81st floor of the Sears Tower for one above a Skechers …

Featuring Kathryn (Kass) Harstad

Rick Dahms

Bankruptcy, Bach

Diana Carey’s talents range from tracking down fraud to tickling the ivories

Featuring Diana K. Carey

Rick Dahms

Righting Wrongs and Keeping Things Simple

Darrell Cochran has taken on the state of Washington, an insurance powerhouse and Apple with his …

Featuring Darrell L. Cochran

It Takes a Tugboat

How Bert Markovich navigated his way to maritime law

Featuring Bert W. Markovich

To Market, to Market

How Seattle attorneys gave us even more to love about the city’s favorite shopping …

Featuring Paul J. Lawrence, …

The Searcher

IP attorney Robert Cumbow shares his lifelong love of movies

Featuring Robert C. Cumbow

The Road Less Traveled

Mark Kamitomo’s circuitous path to law

Featuring Mark D. Kamitomo

‘Out of the Jury Box’

Sheri Pewitt’s personal mantra guides her practice—and her pro bono work …

Featuring Sheri Pewitt

Discovery with Corrie J. Yackulic

How peanut butter helped save Corrie Yackulic’s career

Featuring Corrie J. Yackulic

Local Counsel with Kathryn Naegeli Boling

Seattle’s Kathryn Boling tells us what’s good in the neighborhood

Featuring Kathryn N. Boling

Scott Wiseman

Visionary Man

Eugene Pettis’ plan to lift others up the ladder

Featuring Eugene K. Pettis

Scott Cook

If You Build It …

Kimberly Ashby just might be your attorney

Featuring Kimberly A. Ashby

A Code of Confidence

Jennifer Compton is helping fight the gender gap in technology

Featuring Jennifer B. Compton

Where in the World is Anastasia Protopapadakis?

You don’t need a game show to find her—just check out her travel blog

Featuring Anastasia Protopapadakis

Special Force

After 50-mile marches and parachute jumps, former U.S. Army Ranger John Agnew may have been …

Featuring John D. Agnew

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