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Stan Kaady

Building on the Groundwork

The generation who came along five years after John Lewis and Diane Nash on the progress …

Featuring W. Ray Persons, …

Stan Kaady

A Handshake Lawyer From LaFayette

Zahra Karinshak speaks Arabic with a strong Southern accent

Featuring Zahra S. Karinshak

Stan Kaady

O, Solomiany!

Marvin Solomiany is a family law attorney with a fascinating family history

Featuring Marvin L. Solomiany

Post No Billable Hours

FisherBroyles replaces administrative equity decisions with a transparent formula

Featuring R. Bates Lovett, …


Ed Buckley helps turn on taps in Haiti

Featuring Edward D. Buckley

‘A Failure to Communicate’

How to avoid claims for legal malpractice

Featuring David N. Lefkowitz

Discovery with Jane Lamberti

Jane Lamberti on RBG, the BVIs and the joy of trial bags with wheels

Featuring Jane Lamberti

Local Counsel with Kathleen Horne

Savannah’s Kathleen Horne tells us what’s good in the neighborhood

Featuring Kathleen Horne

John Bragg

The Nicest Guy in the Room

M. Michael Stephenson cuts hearts out as politely as possible

Featuring M. Michael Stephenson

Charades in the High Court

And more of Jim Strain’s memories of being a SCOTUS clerk

Featuring James A. Strain

Mr. Keep It Clean

Bill Bock helps keep the Olympic playing field level

Featuring William Bock, III

Discovery with Rebecca W. Geyer

Rebecca Geyer on measured communication, fluffy novels and moving things with her mind

Featuring Rebecca W. Geyer

Local Counsel with Andrea Ciobanu

The Indianapolis attorney tells us what’s good in the neighborhood

Featuring Andrea L. Ciobanu

Dustin Snipes

'If I Ever Get in Trouble, Call Brian Sun'

Colleagues call the Jones Day attorney both relentless and a consummate gentleman

Featuring Brian A. Sun

Dustin Snipes


Craig McClellan argues complicated cases for two-minute minds

Featuring Craig McClellan

Dustin Snipes

The Two Epiphanies of Bonnie Eskenazi

Clients compare the entertainment attorney to Evander Holyfield and the T-100

Featuring Bonnie E. Eskenazi

Representing Erin Andrews

Bruce Broillet and Scott Carr on the case heard ‘round the world

Featuring Bruce A. Broillet, …

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