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How Can I Protect My Assets and Children in My Maryland Divorce?

PROTECTING ASSETS Most people marry with the hope that they will have a long and happy marriage. However, because many marriages fail, it is …

Answered by Linda Haspel, 7 months ago

Can I still get in trouble for marijuana possession in Maryland even though it has been decriminalized?

Maryland decriminalized the possession and use of marijuana with Senate Bill 364, which went into effect in October 2014. For people caught with less …

Answered by James E. Crawford, Jr., 9 months ago

How will the Court determine the validity of a prenuptial agreement in Maryland?

Because a prenuptial agreement is a contract, a Maryland court reviews it under the objective law of contract interpretation.  To establish the …

Answered by Brian K. Pearlstein, 1 year ago

Articles from Maryland Super Lawyers
Not The Secretary, The Assistant, The Typist, The Helpmate

Not The Secretary, The Assistant, The Typist, The Helpmate
By Joan Hennessy
2015 Maryland Super Lawyers

Even though lawyering is in her blood, in the male-dominated legal world of the 1970s, M. Natalie McSherry had to prove all the things she wasn’t before she could prove what she was

Across The Aisle Style

Across The Aisle Style
By Bill Gloss
2015 Maryland Super Lawyers

Benjamin Rosenberg wants to beat his opponents, not beat them down

How Dondi West Was Won
By Ross Pfund
2015 Maryland Super Lawyers

The Baltimore lawyer keeps his eyes on the frontiers of technology while helping fellow service members

From the Barre to the Bar
By Beth Taylor
2015 Maryland Super Lawyers

Rebecca A. Nitkin traded in her pointe shoes for a criminal defense practice

The Constant Constables
By Amy Kates
2015 Maryland Super Lawyers

James Constable, the fifth generation of Constables to practice law in Maryland, tells us about his passion for preserving land, growing up in the country, and that time his great-great uncle almost clobbered a U.S. president

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