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What Is My Car Accident Injury Case Worth in Nevada?

The most important thing is you get the medical care and treatment that you need and that by far and away is the most important thing we emphasize to …

Answered by George T. Bochanis, 1 year ago

Do I Need A Lawyer For Probate In Nevada?

Just because someone dies does not mean that probate is inevitable. Often, a person prior to death establishes his or her affairs such that probate …

Answered by Marjorie A. Guymon, 2 years ago

Can I sue drunk drivers in Nevada?

Yes. Although drunk drivers face criminal charges for violating the law in Nevada, they can also be sued personally by anyone they harm while driving …

Answered by Brian K. Harris, 2 years ago

Articles from Nevada Super Lawyers
Polsenberg’s Charge

Polsenberg’s Charge
By RJ Smith
2015 Mountain States Super Lawyers

Appellate lawyer Dan Polsenberg gets 15 minutes of fame—250 times and counting

The Gospel According to Jay
By Emily H. Freeman
2015 Mountain States Super Lawyers

If you ask attorney Jay Young, the worlds of gospel and the law are in perfect harmony


By RJ Smith
2014 Mountain States Super Lawyers

Steve Morris is rooted in Las Vegas, and he knows the business infrastructure. He also knows what it’s like to play trumpet until four in the morning

Getting Old, Getting Fleeced

Getting Old, Getting Fleeced
By Emily White
2013 Mountain States Super Lawyers

Kim Boyer Is ON THE CASE

The Shoe Fits

The Shoe Fits
By David Surratt
Super Lawyers Business Edition 2012

Millie Chou keeps Zappos working hard and playing hard

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