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Can I Reduce or Terminate My Alimony in New Jersey?

With the recent change to the alimony statute in New Jersey, individuals paying alimony are wondering if they are entitled to a reduction or …

Answered by Carl J. Soranno, 4 months ago

How do I get divorced in New Jersey?

The first step in the process is hiring a law firm that has attorneys experienced in family law. Whether or not you have children, there are many …

Answered by Silvana Raso, 1 year ago

Can I sue for school bullying in New Jersey?

Yes, you can, although the type of lawsuit depends greatly upon the type of bullying a student is suffering.  When a student is harassed and …

Answered by Kevin M. Costello, 5 months ago

Articles from New Jersey Super Lawyers
‘Straight Love, No Chaser’

‘Straight Love, No Chaser’
By Patrick Pawling
2015 New Jersey Super Lawyers

From judges to book clubs, Paulette Brown, the incoming president of the American Bar Association, tells it like it is

Promise Keeper

Promise Keeper
By Tim Harper
2015 New Jersey Super Lawyers

Kevin H. Marino, involved in the Bridgegate and Flash Boys trials, doesn’t believe juries believe ‘innocent until proven guilty’

The Detail Man

The Detail Man
By Matt Amis
2015 New Jersey Super Lawyers

PI plaintiff’s attorney Michael Maggiano drills down and connects dots

Encountering Mrs. Smith
By Eileen Smith Dallabrida
2015 New Jersey Super Lawyers

It would take more than a doubting guidance counselor to keep Miguel Alexander Pozo from his dream

Election Protection
By Eileen Smith Dallabrida
2015 New Jersey Super Lawyers

Rajiv Parikh’s idea of a happy ending is when every vote counts

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