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Ask Super Lawyers

How does the Rhode Island Family Court value or divide a business or an interest in a business in a divorce?

Often, one of the most significant assets the parties have is a business, or an interest in a business, sometimes one that was either started by the …

Answered by Timothy J. Conlon, 4 months ago

How do I choose a divorce lawyer and prepare for divorce in Rhode Island?

A divorce can significantly impact the family dynamics, finances, credit and future relationship of each family member in a different way. It is …

Answered by Brenda F. Rioles, 2 years ago

Articles from Rhode Island Super Lawyers
Using All 24

Using All 24
By Ross Pfund
2014 New England Super Lawyers

Perpetually busy Providence-based litigator Mark B. Morse never met a practice area he didn’t like

Looking Beyond Aqualung

Looking Beyond Aqualung
By Ross Pfund
2013 New England Super Lawyers

Providence-based family law attorney Tim Conlon on computer crime in the ’80s, suing the Roman Catholic Church as a Catholic, and how society can help prevent institutional child abuse

Gail McCann Brings People Together

Gail McCann Brings People Together
By Ross Pfund
2011 Rhode Island Super Lawyers

The real estate attorney at Edwards Angell Palmer & Dodge in Providence facilitates collaboration in her law practice and in her alumni activities at Brown University

The Advocate
By Nick DiUlio
2010 New England Super Lawyers

Lynette Labinger has made a career out of fighting for social change

Batting Cleanup
By Michael Y. Park
2009 New England Super Lawyers

When defendants need a grand slam, they bring in John Tarantino

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