Rhode Island Super Lawyers Articles

Local Counsel with Hamza Chaudary

Providence-based attorney Hamza Chaudary gives us the scoop on what Travel + Leisure once called “America’s Favorite City.

Featuring Hamza Chaudary

Bryce Vickmark

The Courtroom as Classroom

From tobacco to 9/11 to class actions, trial lawyer Donald Migliori creates change by ‘challenging truth’

Featuring Donald A. Migliori

Bryce Vickmark

Using All 24

Perpetually busy Providence-based litigator Mark B. Morse never met a practice area he didn’t like

Featuring Mark B. Morse

Bryce Vickmark

Looking Beyond Aqualung

Providence-based family law attorney Tim Conlon on computer crime in the ’80s, suing the Roman Catholic Church as a Catholic, and how society can help prevent institutional child abuse

Featuring Timothy J. Conlon

Bryce Vickmark

Gail McCann Brings People Together

The real estate attorney at Edwards Angell Palmer & Dodge in Providence facilitates collaboration in her law practice and in her alumni activities at Brown University

Featuring Gail E. McCann

The Advocate

Lynette Labinger has made a career out of fighting for social change

Featuring Lynette Labinger

Batting Cleanup

When defendants need a grand slam, they bring in John Tarantino

Featuring John A. Tarantino

Check, Please

Hockey Hall-of-Famer Joe Cavanagh goes to the boards for his clients        

Featuring Joseph V. Cavanagh, Jr.

The Receiver

Got a credit union crisis? Call Allan Shine

Featuring Allan M. Shine

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