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Articles from Utah Super Lawyers
The Adventures of ScienceLawyer

The Adventures of ScienceLawyer
By Amy Kates
2015 Mountain States Super Lawyers

Tammy B. Georgelas talks science, tech and the beauty of a four-digit bar number

The Higher Law
By Nancy Rommelmann
2014 Mountain States Super Lawyers

"You get people at the absolute lowest points of their lives," says Utah family law attorney Sharon A. Donovan

King of Controversy

King of Controversy
By Claudia Rowe
2013 Mountain States Super Lawyers

As outside counsel to the Mormon church, Von G. Keetch has been called every name in the book

A Can-Do Mentality

A Can-Do Mentality
By Brian Kevin
2011 Mountain States Super Lawyers

Salt Lake City attorney David Gee makes real estate projects happen

Drop by Drop
By Adrienne Schofhauser
2010 Mountain States Rising Stars

Wendy Bowden Crowther helps her clients preserve and secure rights to Utah’s water sources

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