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Ask Super Lawyers

What is the deadline for a state or federal habeas petition in Virginia?

Calculating habeas petition deadlines is a tricky business and trips up many lawyers who do not regularly handle habeas petitions. There are many …

Answered by Jonathan P. Sheldon, 3 months ago

How do I dispute an error on my credit report or background check report in Virginia?

Background: The federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) was enacted to promote the accuracy, fairness, and privacy of information in the files of …

Answered by John C. Bazaz, 9 months ago

Can you appeal an order entered in a family law case in Virginia?

Final orders entered in family law cases are appealable. However, there are different types of appeals in Virginia. The nature of an appeal is …

Answered by Brandy M. Poss, 12 months ago

Articles from Virginia Super Lawyers
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Media Player
By Bill Glose
2014 Virginia Super Lawyers

Craig T. Merritt is the first lawyer to call in Virginia’s First Amendment cases

Crowning Achievements
By Jessica Tam
2014 Virginia Super Lawyers

When Courtney Moates Paulk isn’t resolving disputes on land, she’s conquering open water

Turning Hate Aside
By Jessica Tam
2014 Virginia Super Lawyers

Michael HuYoung fled Castro and embraced a skinhead client

“Building Families and Rebuilding Lives”
By Amy Kates
2013 Virginia Super Lawyers

In her personal injury, employment and surrogacy/adoption practices, Colleen Quinn’s mantra rings clear

At Your Service
By Jessica Tam
2013 Virginia Super Lawyers

Agnis Chakravorty on being a lawyer, a restaurant owner and a human crawfish

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