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Wisconsin Super Lawyers Magazine
List(s) Published: Wisconsin Super Lawyers and Wisconsin Rising Stars
Readership: 13,600

Milwaukee Magazine
List(s) Published: Wisconsin Super Lawyers and Wisconsin Rising Stars
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List(s) Published: Madison area Super Lawyers and Madison Area Rising Stars
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Ask Super Lawyers

Do I have to install the ignition interlock device on my car if I’m convicted of a DUI in Wisconsin?

An ignition interlock is required in Wisconsin for first offense convictions with an alcohol concentration greater than or equal to .15, all implied …

Answered by Michael C. Witt, 1 year ago

What are my rights after a semi-truck accident in Wisconsin?

Semi-trucks are dangerous. When they are involved in crashes with other vehicles, the damage is almost always catastrophic. Therefore, it is …

Answered by Robert Kasieta, 2 years ago

I Hurt My Back At Work Should I Get A Lawyer In Wisconsin?

Back Injuries: Common Work Injuries Back injuries surpass other types of Wisconsin work injuries in both regularity and cost. A back injury in …

Answered by Charlie Domer, 2 years ago

Articles from Wisconsin Super Lawyers
On the Variety of Things

On the Variety of Things
By Angela McManaman
2014 Wisconsin Super Lawyers

To general litigator Dean Laing, it’s a new day every day

The Silent Part of the Conversation

The Silent Part of the Conversation
By Jim Walsh
2014 Wisconsin Super Lawyers

It’s just one reason why Marie Stanton thrives as a mediator

Paradigm Shifts
By Jessica Tam
2014 Wisconsin Super Lawyers

Jerry Gonzalez fosters relationships between corporations and minority- and women-owned firms

Trial Dog
By Erik Lundegaard
2014 Wisconsin Super Lawyers

In an age of settlements, clients with must-try cases are relying on experienced lawyers like J. Ric Gass

The Human Side of Law

The Human Side of Law
By Angela McManaman
2013 Wisconsin Super Lawyers

Elder and family law attorney Margaret W. Hickey guides people through disasters both natural and emotional

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