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Ask Super Lawyers Social Media FAQ

promoting Ask answer page

Having your content on Ask Super Lawyers is a great way to promote the knowledge and expertise of your law firm.

The next step is to take advantage of your presence on Ask Super Lawyers, and get the word out. We do our part to make sure your content is visible and searched for, but there are some things only you can do to drive the performance of your post and get the most out of your subscription.

Here are just a few tips that wouldn't take more than a few minutes, and can help drive traffic to your post.


Promote Your Ask Super Lawyers Post on Facebook

If your law firm has a business Facebook account, this is the perfect opportunity to use your presence on Ask Super Lawyers to build your reputation and drive visits to your article. Create a status update directing people to the question or questions for which you've provided answers.

A few tips:

  • Keep it short and sweet
  • Be sure to add a link to your Ask Super Lawyers article
  • Include an image such as your profile image or your firm's logo

Once you have your post up and you're happy with it, make sure to look for good opportunities to share the post and the link with people in your network.


Be On The Lookout for Opportunities to Share

Ask Super Lawyers exists for the primary reason of offering answers to the questions legal consumers have. Getting the information in front of people when they need it most isn't always simple, and sometimes the best person to make that happen is you.

  • Send your clients to your Ask Super Lawyers page to help reinforce what you tell them in the office
  • Along with Facebook, share your post on your other social media accounts such as LinkedIn & Twitter
  • If you provide a newsletter or emails for current and former clients, include a link in those correspondence

You are the best judge of when it is or isn't appropriate to share your Ask Super Lawyers question, but getting in the habit of considering sharing as an option is the key step. So often, attorneys provide great information but don't follow up on the most important part: making sure the right people see that information at the right time.


Include a Link to Your Ask Super Lawyers Post on Your Website

In many ways, your website is the foundation of your digital marketing footprint, so keeping people up to date on the work you and your firm are doing across the web is a great idea. You're not looking to add a whole new page, simply update some existing pages to naturally add a link into what's already there. If you work with someone to manage your website, it can be as easy as just providing a few sentences with the link, and letting them know where you want it placed.

A few tips:

  • Include a link on pages with the same topic as your Ask Super Lawyers question
  • Avoid using the exact same language or direct copy-and-pasting from the Ask Super Lawyers article — unique content is always better
  • Try to include your link naturally somewhere into the text of the page

Having strong links to trusted sources of relevant data helps elevate your page and associate your business with credible information.

All in all, these ideas shouldn't take more than a few minutes each, but being conscious about getting the word out can make a world of difference. We want to see you get the most out of your Ask Super Lawyers page.

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