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Available Header Images

Please select a header image for your Super Lawyers Premium Online Firm Profile from the selections below.


Law and Justice - Option 1

law and justice sign on a stone building

Column Scroll - Option 2

close up of a column with a scroll

Columns Above - Option 4

Legal Notes - Option 6

person at desk writing on a document

Liberty - Option 13

lady of justice statue close up

Gavel Close - Option 8


Law Books and Gavel - Option 15

books and gavel

Scales on Desk - Option 10

scales of justice on a desk

Handshake Close - Option 20

two people shaking hands

Office Desk - Option 7

office desk with computer, book and scales of justice on it

Office Abstract 1 - Option 12

abstract image of a hallway with light

Office Abstract 2 - Option 24

abstract image of a hallway

Glass Building - Option 9

exterior of a glass building

Exterior of Buildings - Option 22

exterior of three buildings

Meeting 1 - Option 21

three people at a conference table looking at documents

Meeting 2 - Option 23

two men and two women across from each other at a conference table

Meeting 3 - Option 26

Remote Meeting - Option 27

person in a remote work meeting

Business Abstract - Option 17

exterior of office building looking in to office space

Business Skyline - Option 3

two men shaking hands in front of a large glass window with a skyline

Diverse Group of People - Option 25

group of 7 diverse men and women in a conference room

Family Outside - Option 5

family of four sitting on a porch outside

Medical Worker - Option 18

medical professional with stethoscope and ipad

Real Estate - Option 19

view from above of a housing development

First Responders - Option 11

first responders at a car crash

Gas and Oil - Option 16

construction workers on scaffolding

Workers - Option 28

workers in a warehouse

Nature Abstract - Option 14

abstract view of skyline


Note: Not all Header Images work well with each template. Be sure to check that the Header Image looks good with the Premium Online Firm Profile template chosen.


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