Website Redesign Frequently Asked Questions

We are excited to introduce our newly-redesigned We’ve made significant improvements to our site for a more engaging, user-friendly and responsive experience. The FAQ’s featured on this page will serve as a guide for some of our new features as well as how to participate in our selection process on the new site (nominations, evaluations, data verification, etc.). This page will be updated as new questions arise.


What is new to

The overall look and feel of is completely updated, but there are five main points to emphasize on what you will experience on our site:

  1. Responsive design with focus on mobile - In today’s on-the-go culture, 60% of the time users spend with digital media is done on a mobile device. Our new site is mobile, tablet and desktop friendly, serving mobile devices first and foremost.
  2. Unified navigation for a more intuitive user-experience - With a brand new top navigation menu on every page, you can now seamlessly transition between the site’s most relevant pages to easily find the content you are looking for.
  3. Targeted content based on audience - In addition to existing attorney-focused articles and legal content, our site now delivers consumer-focused content that provides additional engagement between consumers seeking legal assistance and selected attorneys on
  4. Easier navigation for legal professionals with the new Legal Hub - With simplified access to all of the marketing tools we offer, our new Legal Hub page is the central location to login to your account as well as find articles, marketing solutions, state-specific information, customer testimonials and more!
  5. Optimization for search engines and customer visibility - In a competitive legal directory industry, we have made significant improvements to to increase visibility to our customers. In fact, the directory traffic increased 139% in January 2016 when compared to May 2015.


What is the new Legal Hub and how do I get to it?

Our new ‘Legal Hub’ page on is the central location for all you need to know about Super Lawyers (as an attorney). Access this page by clicking the ‘For Lawyers’ link in the top navigation bar and selecting ‘Legal Hub’ in the gray box on the left-side of the dropdown.

On this page you can login to your account, find the most recently-published Super Lawyers Magazine articles and posts from our Inside Super Lawyers blog, view state-specific information, as well as find links to other useful pages like Selection Process, Testimonials, Marketing Solutions and more.


How do I login to my account?

On any page of, click the ‘Lawyer Login’ link in the top right corner of the gray navigation bar. Fill in your email and password to sign in. If you have never created an account, click the ‘Request Access’ link in the gray box.


What is new when I login to my account?

After you’ve logged in to, you will arrive on your new dashboard page.

  • All items needing your attention will show up on the left-side of your screen as an orange button.
  • You will see your photo (if you’ve uploaded one), name, firm information, practice area and focus area designations, firm manager (if applicable), sales contact and profile analytics. To update any of your information, click the Edit Your Information button in the bottom-right corner of the first box. 
  • A link to view your public profile is underneath your contact information.
  • Further down the page in blue headers you will see additional links to view your profile, download your custom badge, download any new Super Lawyers content or view current promotions.
  • You can order marketing solutions by visiting the product categories at the bottom of the page.

How can I edit information on my profile?

Update the information displayed on your profile using the Profile Manager by following these simple steps:

  1. Click the ‘Lawyer Login’ link in the top-right corner of
  2. Click the ‘Edit Your Information’ button in the bottom-right corner of the first box. 
  3. On the Profile Manager page, click the ‘Edit your information’ button to update any biographical or contact information, add a photo or update additional information about your practice by scrolling down the page.

Please note: the information you submit is sent to the Super Lawyers Research Team. Any information updates besides name, firm, location, education and practice areas will only appear on your profile if you have purchased an Expanded or Premium Online Attorney Profile.


How can I nominate other attorneys for the Super Lawyers or Rising Stars list?

If you are a practicing attorney, you can login by either clicking the ‘Lawyer Login’ link in the upper-right corner of or by visiting During your state’s nomination process, you will see a “Nominate Your Peers” orange button under the Items Needing Your Attention area on the left-side of your dashboard. You may nominate and write comments for up to 21 attorneys (seven in-firm, seven out-of-firm and seven Rising Stars candidates). Please note that self-nominations are not accepted. To see a list of states where nominations are being accepted, click here


How can I complete my Blue Ribbon Panel Evaluations (if applicable)?

If you have been selected to participate in the Blue Ribbon Panel for your state, login to your account by clicking on the ‘Lawyer Login’ link in the upper-right corner of any page on Once on your dashboard page, click the orange ‘Blue Ribbon Panel’ button to fill out your comments and evaluations on only attorneys you know or have worked with. To learn more about Blue Ribbon Panel evaluations, click here.


I have been notified that I’m selected – what do I need to do?

If you’ve been notified of your selection, you are required to data verify your information in order to be published in your state’s print publication(s). Only those who data verify will be listed in print.  To data verify, login to your account (by clicking the ‘Lawyer Login’ in the top-right corner of and then click the ‘Verify Info’ orange button. On the next page, click the ‘Edit Your Information’ gray button. Please review all contact and practice area information, complete the Good Standing Attestation section and click ‘Save’ to finish.


I am a firm manager for attorney(s) at my firm and would like to make changes on their behalf. Can I do that online?

Yes! We call this feature the "Firm Management Tool." You may request access to the Firm Management Tool here. If you already have access, login to your account (by clicking ‘Lawyer Login’ in the top-right corner of On your dashboard page, you'll see buttons under the 'Items Needing Your Attention' section for your own account as well as important links for your firm, including:

  • My Attorneys (Update information, view page view analytics or download a badge for any attorney)
  • My Locations (Edit your firm locations)
  • My Contacts (Edit your firm contacts)
  • Track Nominations (See which attorneys still need to nominate their peers)
  • Data Verification (Complete required data verification for any attorney)
  • Store (Order marketing solutions for any attorney at your firm)


We hope you enjoy the new! Still have questions? Click here to view more FAQ’s or view our How to Participate in the Selection Process flyer.

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