Alabama Super Lawyers Articles

The Fighter

Trip Walton’s battles in the ring, in the courtroom, and now with Parkinson’s

Featuring Trip Walton

Pilot Program

Bronze Star recipient Clinton T. Speegle is using his Iraq War aviation expertise to help institutions write drone policy

Featuring Clinton T. Speegle

Like Lawyer, Like Daughter

Jere and Julie Beasley work together, argue together

Featuring Jere Locke Beasley

Miss Nina

Behind the scenes of Jenna Bedsole’s documentary on an Alabama legal pioneer who braved porch bombs and burning crosses

Featuring Jenna M. Bedsole

Discovery with Ricardo Woods

The Alabama attorney wakes, prays, shaves his head and breaks out the Sam Cooke

Featuring Ricardo A. Woods

‘We’ve Come a Rather Remarkable Way’

An oral history of civil rights and the African-American bar 60 years after MontgomeryFeaturing Kenneth O. Simon, …

She Speaks the Language

Kimberly Bessiere Martin could have been a spy but she became fascinated with products liabilityFeaturing Kimberly Bessiere Martin

Mind the Gap

Why W. Lewis Garrison Jr. has been accused of turning Alabama into ‘tort hell’Featuring W. Lewis Garrison, Jr.

Leap of Faith

The evolution of Birmingham firm Badham & BuckFeaturing W. Percy Badham, III, …

The Art of Reversal

Appealing court decisions, Rhonda T. Chambers searches for the flaw in the reasoning and gets the courts to take a second look

No Doubt for Miles

Faith in the triumph of good over evil fuels the career of W. Daniel “Dee” MilesFeaturing W. Daniel (Dee) Miles, III

LaBella Alvis Will Try Almost Anything

Just don’t ask her to play the piano for youFeaturing LaBella S. Alvis

Called to Serve

For Birmingham civil defense litigator Augusta S. Dowd, the legal profession represents a way of giving backFeaturing Augusta S. Dowd

Saltwater in His Veins

Allen E. “Teeto” Graham uses his background in shipbuilding and the seafood business in his maritime practice at Phelps DunbarFeaturing Allen E. "Teeto" Graham

A True Gentleman

Birmingham civil defense attorney Mike Atchison believes in treating everyone with dignity

Living the Motto: Chris Williams Is Still Prepared

Eagle Scout Chris J. Williams became the first LEED-certified attorney in the state of AlabamaFeaturing Christopher J. Williams

Q&A with Celia J. Collins

The partner at Johnstone, Adams, Bailey, Gordon & Harris on the changes in employment law over the years, getting more women involved in Alabama politics and making time for triathlonsFeaturing Celia J. Collins

The Record Setter

Alabama v. ExxonMobil was a defining moment in Robert Cunningham’s career, but he’d rather talk about what he’s doing today, such as fishing for the 200-pound tarponFeaturing Robert T. Cunningham

The Influence of Bear Bryant

D. Leon Ashford credits the legendary football coach for a career in lawFeaturing D. Leon Ashford

Last Line of Defense

Bryan Stevenson weighs matters of life and death

Most Likely to Succeed

Ann Huckstep's old-fashioned principles earn her modern honorsFeaturing M. Ann Huckstep

Representing Monsanto

Adam Peck isn't afraid of controversial casesFeaturing Adam K. Peck

Q&A: Morris Dees

Morris Dees, co-founder of the Southern Poverty Law Center in Montgomery, has squared off against Klansmen, neo-Nazis and militant organizations. He has won millions for his clients and disbanded hate groups across the nation. At 72, he could retire today—but he chooses to continue the fight.

The 24-hour Rule

What do Exxon, R.J. Reynolds and Auburn University have in common? Sam Franklin        Featuring Samuel H. Franklin

For the People

Jere Beasley has wrangled some of the state's biggest settlements and forced corporate giants to change their ways    Featuring Jere Locke Beasley

The Redoubtable Ms. Crittenden

Judy Crittenden doesn't take no for an answer  Featuring Judith S. Crittenden

Gimme Shelter

Carol Stewart finds homes for canines and humansJudy Crittenden doesn't take no for an answer        

Selma Bound

Who says you can't go home again? Not Terri Sewell.  

The Advocate

A battle with cancer brings Judith Todd closer to her clients        

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