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When is a Contractor a Full-Time Employee?

How to classify workers in New York

The Legal Difference Between Libel and Slander

How laws define them, and when you might want to sue

The Blunt Truth About Running a Cannabis Business

Federal law still plays into marijuana entrepreneurship in Washington

How to Solve Land Use and Zoning for a Cannabis Business

The process of obtaining a Land Use Compatibility Statement (LUCS) in Oregon

Don't Be a Dope About Maine's Cannabis Laws

Legal tips to avoid risk while running a New England cannabis business

Tips to Comply with California Cannabis Law

After your business is set up, legal needs may persist

Articles Featuring Lawyers

Mark Edward Atkinson

Choosing to Be Happy

How Steve Emmert found his niche

Dream Career

How Soulmaz Taghavi’s connections with immigrants shaped her pathway to the law

Building Trust

It’s just one of the lessons Geoffrey Brown learned during his tour of duty in Bosnia

Hometown Booster

When it comes to Warrenton, Marie Washington can’t say—or do—enough

Getting the Green Light?Again

Jeffery Robinette’s racing car gives a nod to his Airborne service

Carroll Foster

Taking Them Head On

From Goliath companies to establishment politicians, Marguerite Willis comes ready for battle

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