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If a U.S. Company is Overseas, Whose Employment Laws Matter?

Sorting out international legal issues for foreign operations

Fighting the Validity of Wills or Trusts in Los Angeles

An overview of undue influence, lack of capacity, breach of fiduciary duty, and more

It Pays to Be Proactive When It Comes to Trademarks

Business advice from New York IP attorneys

What Can Be Done About Ransomware Attacks?

Legal advice from New York data security attorneys

Is Collaborative Divorce Best for You?

How to avoid the family law courts in New York

How the Pandemic Affected Tenants' Rights in NYC

Talking to attorneys about eviction prevention

Articles Featuring Lawyers

The Rules Rule

Ariana Tadler on her stint with the Federal Civil Rules Advisory Committee

A Long Island Kid in Queen Elizabeth’s Court

How Thomas Foley came to be both a lawyer in New York and a solicitor in London

Class Dismissed

Kimberly Lau makes sure schools and universities do the right thing

Dollars to Donuts

Bankruptcy lawyer Janice Grubin comes into her own

Burmese Days

A summer among soldiers and refugees forever altered Kellen G. Ressmeyer

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