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What Is Considered Reasonable Accommodation in Massachusetts?

Federal and state employment rights for individuals with disabilities

What You Can and Can't Do with Marijuana in Oregon

It's legal, but there are some limitations

How Dads Get Custody in NYC

Fathers fare well in custody battles in the 21st century

Breaking Down the GPS Stalking Law

New York attorneys say it's not a significant advancement for victims

The Adoption Home Study Process in Pennsylvania

What do I need to know before I adopt a child?

How to Comply with California's Prop 12

The state’s 2018 law provides human housing for three kinds of animals

Articles Featuring Lawyers

Can Political Campaigns Use Music Without Permission?

IP litigator Lawrence Iser weighs in on the Trump-Prince controversy

An Uphill Battle

Fighting medical malpractice isn’t easy, but Mike End is up to the task

Standing Tall

Volunteerism is the foundation of Beth Kushner’s career

From the Depths of Hell to a Courtroom in Madison

Jeff Simmons finds himself in the middle of a battle between two comic book titans

Rewriting the Narrative

Five Missouri and Kansas women attorneys recount their life in the law

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