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Does Fault Impact Medical Compensation in an Auto Accident?

How expenses and lost wages are sorted in Upstate New York

Who Is Liable in a Utah Trucking Accident?

How to sort out the multiple parties involved in a commercial vehicle crash

A Look at Criminal Record Expungement in Indiana

And reasons why to consider doing it

What If My Business' Bankruptcy Plan is Contested?

How objections are sorted during an Arizona plan confirmation proceeding

If There Wasn't Probable Cause or a Warrant, Will I Go Free?

What Kansas law says about evidentiary searches in a criminal case

Articles Featuring Lawyers

Complicated Family Dynamics

Gabrielle Vidal is often involved in high-drama estate litigation but won’t name names

One Case at a Time

How a kid from LA and a prodigy from the USSR met, fell in love, and started a practice

Universal Soldier

Elsa Ramo began her entertainment practice on the Universal back lot

Exactly Rocket Science

Gary M. Paul’s work during the heyday of the space race

The Moving Target

Former ‘Top Gun’ pilot Thomas P. O’Brien on meeting presidents and staring down …

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