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What Should a Business Tax Plan Include?

Things for Arkansas entrepreneurs to consider

What Are the Benefits of a Charitable Remainder Trust?

How and why to have an estate planning attorney set one up in Utah

Can I Take Legal Action if I'm Receiving Pervasive Robocalls?

How to protect yourself from illegal robocalls in California

The Laws That Govern International Business Transactions

What Illinois companies need to know if they merge, expand, or invest abroad

Why Did the Insurance Company Close My Workers' Comp Claim?

Rating evaluations and filing appeals in Nevada

What Do Louisiana Courts Look for in a Reorganization Plan?

How the state looks at Chapter 11 bankruptcy filings

Articles Featuring Lawyers

Calming the Waters

Robert Brandt tries to lower temperatures in family law cases and raise them at the …

Medium Cool

Why you can't fluster Mona Hanna

Mixed Judicial Arts

Former Superior Court Judge Peter Polos now passes judgment on MMA fights

Is a Gamer an Artist?

Bryan Freedman attempts to make law in a growing $152 billion industry


Sibylle Grebe’s long road to the law includes work as an au pair in Indiana and a …

Madigan, Bargain Again

Denise Madigan helps teach female professionals to negotiate for themselves

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