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What to Know About Business Bankruptcy in California

And the alternatives to consider first

What Is Employment and Labor Law?

Two distinct but related areas of law that both employers and employees should understand

The Best Way to Start a Nonprofit

Massachusetts business advisors give their tips

A Few Taxing Questions on Starting a Nonprofit

What you need to know on a legal front in Georgia

Starting a Nonprofit Isn't as Simple As It May Seem

Getting into the legal details of a nonprofit startup in Illinois

What is a Public Benefit Corporation?

Maryland allows social enterprises to pursue legal designation

Articles Featuring Lawyers

Gregory Crowley

Breaking the Algorithm

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Gregory Cowley

The Full Perspective

Pamela Price has been lawyer, plaintiff and defendant. Next up: Alameda County D.A.?

Zach Zwerdling on that Sweet Humboldt County Sound

He founded Mercury Sky Records for local singer-songwriters

Book 'Em

Jim McManis’ 23,000-title collection

Penney Lane

Fred Penney on the next wave of legal marketing

Project Chimps

Bruce Wagman’s decision to found a chimpanzee sanctuary

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