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Arizona Justice Project founder Larry A. Hammond speaks about the cases that have “gut-hooked” him Featuring

Perfect Balance

Pamela Overton Risoleo juggles high-stakes litigation, her family and empowering young women Featuring Pamela Overton Risoleo

All Along the Watchtower

Media lawyer and Dylan sound-alike David J. Bodney protects the media’s access to public records Featuring David J. Bodney

The Sailor

Legendary Phoenix defense attorney Larry Debus is equally adept at navigating sea currents and jury trials


Word for Word

What advice would you give to young attorneys today? Featuring Wendy Ellen York, ...

In Cicero’s Footsteps

Phoenix attorney Shawn Aiken on law, Latin and the perfect hazelnut cheesecake Featuring Shawn Aiken

All Things Chapters 7 and 11

Lewis & Roca’s Susan Freeman climbs mountains and bankruptcy ranks Featuring Susan M. Freeman

Serving Injured Parties Five, and Only Five, at a Time

When people hire personal injury attorney Patrick McGroder, they know they’re getting his full attention Featuring Patrick J. McGroder, III

Q&A: Tom Salerno

Tom Salerno on saving hospitals, handling obnoxious lawyers and earning blood wings Featuring Thomas J. Salerno

Easy Rider

Marc Lieberman's whole life is an adventure. Even his seemingly sedate law practice Featuring Marc R. Lieberman

‘I Like Working With People Whose Hair Is on Fire’

Tom Curzon keeps his cool-at work and on the taekwondo mat Featuring Thomas H. Curzon

Q&A with Lonnie Williams, Quarles & Brady, Phoenix

Labor and employment trial lawyer Lonnie Williams talks to Super Lawyers about his struggle to be taken seriously, the art of trying a case and what it's like hosting a cooking show. Featuring Lonnie J. Williams, Jr.

The Bad Guys’ Good Guy

Tom Henze finds something to defend in Arizona's most notorious murderers and corporate criminals   Featuring Tom Henze

Give Her Your Tired, Your Poor …

Gloria Goldman fights for the American dream         Featuring Gloria A. Goldman

Raising Arizona

The status quo is not good enough for Amy Gittler  

Featuring Amy J. Gittler

A Change is Gonna Come

It was the law or the cloth. Ernest Calderón knows he made the right choice Featuring Ernest Calderón

The Lawyer's Lawyer

Peter Baird is a legend in the Phoenix legal community—just don’t tell him that

Zebra Lawyer

When he isn't refereeing at the Super Bowl, Ed Hochuli runs one of the largest litigation firms in Arizona         Featuring

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