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In the Thick of It

The founders of Hepburn Hernandez & Jung do what they love: trials  Featuring Elliott Jung, ...

The Two-Culture Edge

Irene Y. Lee’s motto is ‘avoid drama’; opposing attorneys don’t always help Featuring Irene Y. Lee

The Difference Maker

The passion and decorum of J. Bernard Alexander III Featuring J. Bernard Alexander, III

The Bridge to Armenia

Mhare Mouradian gives back to the country he never knew Featuring Mhare Mouradian

Five Months in Jerusalem

Eliza Ghanooni recounts clerking for Israel’s Supreme Court Featuring Eliza Ghanooni

The Moving Target

Former ‘Top Gun’ pilot Thomas P. O’Brien on meeting presidents and staring down gang members Featuring Thomas P. O'Brien

Exactly Rocket Science

Gary M. Paul’s work during the heyday of the space race Featuring Gary M. Paul

Universal Soldier

Elsa Ramo began her entertainment practice on the Universal back lot Featuring Elsa Ramo

One Case at a Time

How a kid from LA and a prodigy from the USSR met, fell in love, and started a practice Featuring Randy H. McMurray, ...

Complicated Family Dynamics

Gabrielle Vidal is often involved in high-drama estate litigation but won’t name names Featuring Gabrielle A. Vidal

A Fighter and a Gentleman

Gordon Greenwood is known for his civility, but he’ll go to the mat in the hunt for justice Featuring Gordon D. Greenwood

Opposing Forces

For Joan Fife and Jahan Sagafi, being on opposing sides doesn’t mean yelling across the table Featuring Jahan Sagafi, ...

Life Partners

Husband-and-wife duo Michael Haddad and Julia Sherwin play to their individual strengths  Featuring Michael J. Haddad, ...

Finding Her Voice

Sonakshi Kapoor was told a girl couldn’t join the family business—so she became a lawyer instead Featuring Sonakshi Kapoor

Getting Tech Off the Ground

Airbus’ flying car is just one of the cutting-edge projects Sasha Rao gets to work on  Featuring Sasha G. Rao

Hometown Historian

Litigator, author and restaurateur John Briscoe tells local history through the lens of food and drink Featuring John Briscoe

The Case Against Virtual Trials

Ed Hugo raises red flags about what’s getting lost in the new normal Featuring Edward R. Hugo

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