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Connecticut Super Lawyers Articles

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The Epic Poem of David Golub

How one literature lover fights for the little guy—and wins Featuring David S. Golub

The Angel

Thanks to Cindy Robinson, victims of child sex abuse find the strength to step forward

Featuring Cindy L. Robinson

Never-Standing Pattis

Being a top criminal defense lawyer isn’t enough for Norm Pattis—so he bought a bookstore and a farm

To Be or Not To Be a Lawyer?

That was Michael Koskoff ’s question. Even Shakespeare would say he made the right decision

The Big Fish of Family Law

Samuel Schoonmaker literally wrote the law on divorce in Connecticut.His clients, such as Jack Welch, are sure glad he did

Santa's Causes

Santa Mendoza is a crusader for the disadvantaged, the oppressed and the idea that one day a Hispanic woman could be attorney general
Featuring Santa Mendoza

To Hell and Back

Derek Gilman dodged bullets in Baghdad, you think figuring out tax policy worries him?

Ring Master

Ed Kaufman makes sure no one body-slams World Wrestling Entertainment

The Fight Over the Bill of Rights

Michael Stratton battles with the state of North Carolina to protect a client’s right to personal property


Joe Six-Pack

When it’s time to relax,Kerry Callahan heads to his local pub for his second job: reviewing beer

Featuring Kerry R. Callahan

Battersby Up!

Norwalk attorney Greg Battersby helps big-league hitters prepare for Pedro

Featuring Gregory J. Battersby

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