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'I Couldn't Get My Kids Out of the Courtroom'

Tom and Jonathan Pope carry on the legal legacy of their famous father Featuring Jonathan A. Pope, ...

Theater Major

Joyce Gist Lewis uses her acting background to connect with juries Featuring Joyce Gist Lewis

Larger Than Life

Remembering Tommy Malone

'We Know Our Clients'

The joys and concerns (mostly joys) of being a rural lawyer Featuring Ralph W. Ellis, ...

The Audacity of a HOPE Scholar

Stacey Evans is still looking for ways to lower the ladder Featuring Stacey Godfrey Evans

Moving the Needle

From planting trees to challenging the Muslim ban with the ACLU, Gail Podolsky is all in Featuring Gail Podolsky

Home Fires

HOA rep Julie McGhee Howard tries to make sure everyone just gets along Featuring Julie McGhee Howard

Earning His Stripes

A scene needs conflict, says improv champ (and Adidas defender) Charlie Henn Featuring R. Charles Henn Jr.

Believe Her

Debra Schwartz started fighting inequality at age 12 and never stopped Featuring Debra E. Schwartz

A Long Way from the Mole Hole

Five legendary Georgia attorneys on practicing law for half a century Featuring , ...

Great Trials, Occasional Errors

Steve Lowry and Yvonne Godfrey’s new podcast delves into the stories, mistakes and risks of notable court cases

Featuring Stephen G. Lowry, ...

Nice Being the Boss

“Pay your quarterly taxes” and other lessons from family law attorney Emily Yu

Featuring Emily S. Yu

The Collegial Court

Bruce P. Brown on clerking for Chief Justice Warren Burger

Featuring Bruce P. Brown

A Man with Two Countries

Bryan Ramos works to recognize Filipino WWII vets

Featuring Bryan Ramos

She Rises Up to the Challenge of her Rival

Discovery with Sarah E. Stottlemyer

Featuring Sarah E. Stottlemyer

Local Counsel with Lisa Collins

IP attorney Lisa Collins tells us what’s good in the neighborhood

Featuring Lisa Collins

Stockholm Syndrome

Sara Khaki’s journey from Iran to America included a 10-year layover in Sweden

Featuring Sara Khaki

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