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Georgia Super Lawyers Articles

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For Love of Horses

Daryl Buffenstein spends his downtime on the farm


The Listening Tours

Linda Klein on her year as ABA president

Featuring Linda A. Klein

His Father and Atticus Finch

Joseph Beck’s book is more than just family history


Courtroom Confidential

How Steve Sidman serves his celebrity-chef clients

Featuring Steven S. Sidman

Discovery with N. John Bey

N. John Bey doesn’t believe any victory or loss should be celebrated or mourned for more than a day

Featuring N. John Bey

Heeding the Call

Why Joe Whitley was tapped to become the first general counsel at the Department of Homeland Security

Featuring Joe D. Whitley

The Professor

Chilton Davis Varner lives for teachable moments

Featuring Chilton Davis Varner

‘A Failure to Communicate’

How to avoid claims for legal malpractice

Featuring David N. Lefkowitz

Local Counsel with Kathleen Horne

Savannah’s Kathleen Horne tells us what’s good in the neighborhood



Ed Buckley helps turn on taps in Haiti

Featuring Edward D. Buckley

Practical Applications in Georgia

Handy legal technologies

Featuring Bernard S. Brody, ...

Post No Billable Hours

FisherBroyles replaces administrative equity decisions with a transparent formula

Featuring Thomas E. Lavender III, ...

Discovery with Jane Lamberti

Jane Lamberti on RBG, the BVIs and the joy of trial bags with wheels

Featuring Jane Lamberti

O, Solomiany!

Marvin Solomiany is a family law attorney with a fascinating family history

Featuring Marvin L. Solomiany

A Handshake Lawyer From LaFayette

Zahra Karinshak speaks Arabic with a strong Southern accent

Featuring Zahra S. Karinshak

Building on the Groundwork

The generation who came along five years after John Lewis and Diane Nash on the progress we’ve made ... and haven’t

Featuring Charles S. Johnson III, ...

The Collector

Rupert M. Barkoff is an introvert by nature, but when he’s passionate about something he goes all in


The Benzo Way

From paralegal to partner to president—and now principal at Benzo Law—it’s been a steady climb for Tracee R. Benzo

Featuring Tracee R. Benzo

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