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Speaks Softly, Carries the First Amendment

Burton Joseph represents Playboy, the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund and you

The Role Model

Lisa Madigan follows in the footsteps of ... her mother

Out of Africa

Thomas Geraghty and his students fight for truth, justice, but not necessarily the American way

The Regular Guy

Philip Beck’s clients include Bayer, Merck, DuPont and, oh, the president of the United States

The Lawyer With a Song in His Heart

Joseph N. Welch II has a famous grandfather and a sense of decency

Both Sides Now

Kevin G. Burke moved from defending the big guys to defending those “with the smallest voice”

Down Goes Goliath!

Three Chicago lawyers take on Clear Channel Communications

The Man Who Talked His Way Into Law School

Dan K. Webb has been called the best defense attorney in the country; George Ryan hopes so

Like Father, Like Son, Like Son

Langdon Neal carries on the traditions of a great Chicago family