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Indiana Super Lawyers Articles

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Mr. Keep It Clean

Bill Bock helps keep the Olympic playing field level

Featuring William Bock, III

Charades in the High Court

And more of Jim Strain’s memories of being a SCOTUS clerk

Featuring James A. Strain

Discovery with Rebecca W. Geyer

Rebecca Geyer on measured communication, fluffy novels and moving things with her mind

Featuring Rebecca W. Geyer

The Nicest Guy in the Room

M. Michael Stephenson cuts hearts out as politely as possible

Featuring M. Michael Stephenson

A Lawyer Like You

Vanessa López Aguilera isn’t afraid to take family law cases to court

Featuring Vanessa López Aguilera

For the Love of Bloomington

Betsy K. Greene of Greene & Schultz on representing plaintiffs, doing victory dances and pushing those damned boulders

Featuring Betsy K. Greene

The Steady Hand

Rick Norris calmly guides his clients—and his aircraft—amidst turbulence

Featuring Richard L. Norris

Leading the Class Action Cavalry

How Richard Shevitz put his class action know-how to use for Holocaust victims

Featuring Richard E. Shevitz

In Good Hands

Shelice R. Tolbert on good lawyering, good health and good lessons learned Featuring Shelice R. Tolbert

Known Unknowns

Andy Hull of Hoover Hull Turner on finding antique radios, empathizing with professional liability clients and overcoming early-career jitters Featuring Andrew W. Hull

The King of Uphill Battles

Unlikely causes don’t faze personal injury attorney Terry Noffsinger Featuring Terry Noffsinger

“Why Are You Competing With Me?”

An oral history of the first wave of female attorneys Featuring , ...

The Right Connections

How Notre Dame law student Alisa Finelli linked need with know-how

Hell, Belief and Brownfields

Former philosophy instructor David L. Guevara helps clients avoid environmental liability and worse  Featuring David L. Guevara

Building It From Scratch

Elder law solo practitioner Claire E. Lewis on the Affordable Care Act, dealing with end-of-life issues, and her involvement in establishing the practice area in Indiana Featuring Claire E. Lewis

The Cases That Matter

Henry J. Price talks about his highest-profile case—and the one that changed his career forever Featuring

Calm in the Storm

Family law attorney Nancy Cross keeps her cool when others don’t Featuring Nancy L. Cross

From Bailiff to Bar

Trial lawyer Nathaniel Lee of Lee & Fairman on getting his foot in the door, President Barack Obama and the year he had 24 cases lined up Featuring Nathaniel Lee

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