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Coming in First

Julia Blackwell Gelinas has blazed trails for female attorneys in Indianapolis, but it’s her work ethic and passion for the law that mark her 30-year career Featuring

The Language of Law

George “Corky” Plews has forged much of the state’s environmental and insurance coverage law Featuring George M. Plews

Practicing Law with an Officer’s Eye

Theodore J. Blanford draws on his military and police experience in and out of the courtroom Featuring Theodore J. Blanford

Death Row Defender

Outspoken and caring, Monica Foster is one of the nation’s foremost death penalty attorneys Featuring

The Great Generalist

Jon Laramore of Baker & Daniels on how the lessons he learned working in government—in both civil and criminal arenas—give him a leg up in his appellate law practice Featuring Jon Laramore

Steady at the Wheel

Appellate lawyer Arend Abel loves guiding people through the labyrinth of the law Featuring Arend J. Abel

Family Law

After following in the footsteps of her parents, Ann and Ed, Kathleen DeLaney now leads the way Featuring Ann M. DeLaney, ...

Preparation, the High Road and Elliott Levin

The Rubin & Levin partner speaks on bankruptcy law and why he never underprepares for a case Featuring

Erin Drummy’s Bedside Manner

One woman’s journey from respiratory therapy to the law Featuring Erin M. Drummy

In the Tradition of Thurgood Marshall

Ryan Gardner exemplifies the new generation of civil rights lawyers Featuring Ryan K. Gardner

Q&A With James Knauer

Over the course of his career, James Knauer of Kroger, Gardis & Regas has served as federal receiver in four Ponzi scheme cases, and helped about 200,000 former employees of Walmart reach a class action settlement with the retail giant. Featuring James A. Knauer

Oh, the Places She’s Been!

Mary Nold Larimore treads new ground in her law practice—and her outdoor adventures Featuring

View From the Top

Bruce Kehoe has a 30,000-foot perspective on his career Featuring D. Bruce Kehoe

The Gold Standard

Trent Sandifur transmutes his Fort Knox experience into a sterling legal career Featuring Trent J. Sandifur

Ray of Light

Ray Basile devotes his free time to the Indy Special Olympics Featuring Raymond A. Basile

The Game Changer

Elsa Cole, the NCAA’s first GC

Kickstart My Charitable Heart

Rodney Taylor puts his two-wheeled passion to good use Featuring Rodney V. Taylor

A Rare Breed

Talking bull with Sherry Fabina-Abney Featuring Sherry A. Fabina-Abney

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