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Ever Ready. Ever Faithful. Ever on the Watch.

How will the DOJ report impact criminal law in Baltimore?


Tech Support

How an early fascination with programming led Michael Oliver to computer law

Featuring Michael D. Oliver

The Riveter

Lisa Sparks opens doors to the law for underprivileged girls

Featuring Lisa D. Sparks

The Music Man

Steve Elville helps tune up local music programs

Featuring Stephen R. Elville

The Crisis at Hand

Stuart Knotts Skok’s unique knowledge of divorces involving children with special needs

Featuring Stuart Skok

Local Counsel with Emerson L. Dorsey Jr.

Real estate attorney Emerson L. Dorsey Jr. tells us what’s good in the neighborhood

Featuring Emerson L. Dorsey, Jr.

The Untouchables

Whether defending public enemy No.1 or Baltimore’s most reviled organization, Joshua Treem takes the clients no one else will


The Long Recovery

Ron Karp is still fighting for the victims of the 1998 U.S. Embassy bombing in Kenya Featuring Ronald A. Karp

Under the Microscope

How Serial helped C. Justin Brown’s case for Adnan Syed—and how it opened his every legal move to scrutiny Featuring C. Justin Brown


McGuireWoods’ Ava Lias-Booker on why she’s tired of ‘first’ but not ‘more’

Featuring Ava E. Lias-Booker


Forget a sports car—Heather Hostetter and Amy Strent made the most of a “mid-life crisis” when they struck out on their own Featuring Heather Q. Hostetter, ...

The Human Touch

Kerry D. Staton is such a good lawyer he almost bankrupted Baltimore Featuring Kerry D. Staton

From the Barre to the Bar

Rebecca A. Nitkin traded in her pointe shoes for a criminal defense practice Featuring

How Dondi West Was Won

The Baltimore lawyer keeps his eyes on the frontiers of technology while helping fellow service members Featuring Dondi West

The Constant Constables

James Constable, the fifth generation of Constables to practice law in Maryland, tells us about his passion for preserving land, growing up in the country, and that time his great-great uncle almost clobbered a U.S. president

Featuring James W. Constable

Across The Aisle Style

Benjamin Rosenberg wants to beat his opponents, not beat them down

Featuring Benjamin Rosenberg

Not The Secretary, The Assistant, The Typist, The Helpmate

Even though lawyering is in her blood, in the male-dominated legal world of the 1970s, M. Natalie McSherry had to prove all the things she wasn’t before she could prove what she was Featuring M. Natalie McSherry

Defiant DNA

Companies that place people over profit should fear Robert K. Jenner Featuring Robert K. Jenner

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