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Massachusetts Super Lawyers Articles

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The Details and the Big Picture

White-collar defender Karen F. Green has the rare ability to see both Featuring

Jason Allen Rosenberg’s Sense of Community

The real estate lawyer builds bridges with legal work and disability advocacy Featuring Jason Allen Rosenberg

The Code of Law

Former computer programmer Michael A. Albert of Wolf, Greenfield & Sacks has developed one of Massachusetts' most significant IP litigation practices Featuring Michael A. Albert

The Man Behind the Largest Pro Bono Effort in History

Leo Boyle knew everything would change after 9/11. He vowed to make some of that change positive Featuring Leo V. Boyle

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury, Class Is Now in Session

Julia Huston brings an educator’s eye to the law Featuring Julia Huston

Wearing Harvard Crimson

Robert Iuliano on Larry Summers, life in Cambridge and the university as a corporation Featuring

Q&A With Paul Sugarman

The co-founder of Sugarman & Sugarman with his brother Neil, Paul Sugarman has, over the course of a 50-year legal career, scored victories over General Motors and Eli Lilly in personal injury cases and has championed court reform. Featuring Paul R. Sugarman

Palin in Comparison

Lisa Palin stood up for an attempted rape victim and helped set an important precedent in the process Featuring

Wearing Harvard Crimson

Robert Iuliano on Larry Summers, life in Cambridge and the university as a corporation

All the World’s a Courtroom

Joan Lukey's flair for the dramatic        Featuring Joan A. Lukey

When the Dishes Start Flying

Family law attorneys tell us how they deal with good people at their worst

Featuring David H. Lee, ...

Nancy Shilepsky's Legacy

Losing isn't an option

Featuring Nancy S. Shilepsky

Gina Barry's Pet Project

Here’s one lawyer who cares what happens to your pet after you’re gone Featuring Gina M. Barry

The Storyteller

The appeal of a well-told tale inspired Kathryn Conde to become a commercial litigator Featuring

The Man Behind the Camera

Michael Rader wants you to be informed on Middle East issues Featuring Michael N. Rader

Josh Dalton and the Green Monster

One Boston attorney’s tale of defending baseball’s most famous wall Featuring Joshua M. Dalton

The Most Important Time Is Now

Boston attorney Sam Kim's penchant for Christian charity leads him to serve more than his clients Featuring

Oh Henry!

Vickie Henry has made a career of winning difficult fights and doing it with a smile

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