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Massachusetts Super Lawyers Articles

Articles Featuring Lawyers

The Road to Equality

Mary Bonauto fights for love and marriage

A Fireside Chat with James Roosevelt Jr.

The only thing he has to fear is … that the Bush administration will try again to privatize his grandfather’s Social Security system

Monkey Business

Ellen Epstein Cohen doesn’t clown around when she represents the circus
Featuring Ellen Epstein Cohen

Catching the Shutter Bug

Fine-art photographer Clyde Bergstresser captures the world on film
Featuring Clyde D. Bergstresser

A Valuable Deduction

Tax attorney Eric Rothenberg invests in big-screen success
Featuring Eric P. Rothenberg

The Power of Marsha Kazarosian

How one attorney got a country club to play fair
Featuring Marsha V. Kazarosian

Albano's Crusade

Jonathan Albano forced the Catholic Church to open its sealed records on sexual abuse
Featuring Jonathan M. Albano

Fever Pitcher

David T. Mitrou takes his throwing arm to the big screen, courtesy of the Farrelly Brothers
Featuring David T. Mitrou

Beautiful Days in The Neighborhoods

Lee Harrington looks back on his life as a rock god

Featuring Lee Harrington

The Conservative Libertarian

Mike Williams chafes at the use of racial preferences anywhere in society

Featuring Michael Williams

Wonder Woman

There is exactly one life sciences patent attorney in the state with a side practice in quantum mechanics: Brenda Herschbach Jarrell

Featuring Brenda Herschbach Jarrell

Striving for Perfection

Anna Sankaran works hard to set an example for Boston's growing south Asian legal community
Featuring Annapoorni R. Sankaran

"He Helped Me With Everything I Have in America"

Halim Moris came to the United States at age 15 with only a backpack and $25 in hand, now he's one of the top immigration lawyers in Boston

Featuring Halim Moris

Freedom Fighter

Jennifer Chunias can't rest knowing innocent people are in prison
Featuring Jennifer L. Chunias

Chart Topper

Maggie Lange knows her tunes from her torts Featuring Maggie A. Lange

Patriot Games

Super Lawyer Jack Mula never tires of Super Bowls Featuring

Saving Ray Charles

Ed Masterman and Paul Redmond convinced a Boston judge to send the music legend to drug rehabilitation instead of prison Featuring

Leader of the Pack

When Russia’s richest man needed defense counsel, he turned to John Pappalardo Featuring A. John Pappalardo

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