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The Team Player

Dennis Archer has been a state Supreme Court justice, two-term mayor of Detroit and president of the ABA — and he still considers it a privilege to practice law

What's Going On?

Henry Baskin represented Marvin Gaye and hosts a cable law program, but his legacy may be in family law

The Storyteller

Eugene Driker on preparation, inspiration and the essence of the case

When the Revolution Didn't Happen

John Willems went from representing unions to management, but he still preaches the same gospel

Playing Atticus

Jon March is one of the best lawyers in the state, but last fall he got to play the greatest of them all

Our Prisoners, Ourselves

Deborah LaBelle is using the state Legislature and international law to reform U.S. prisons

Justice at Abu Ghraib

Since 9/11, Shereef Akeel has fought for American Muslims; but his biggest case is a class action lawsuit on behalf of the prisoners of Abu Ghraib

Putting the "Pro" in Pro Bono

Michigan's top attorneys set the bar for helping others

Reflections on the Bar

Tom Cranmer tells what he’s learned as president of the Michigan Bar Association

Defending the Despicable

Michigan’s top criminal defense attorneys make a case for defending the bad guys

Divorce Lawyer War Stories

Four of Michigan's top divorce attorneys recount their most memorable cases