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New Jersey Super Lawyers Articles

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Full-Court Press

Bruce S. Rosen expands rights in a field he used to work in: journalism

Featuring Bruce S. Rosen

Mom Genes

Tanya Helfand practices family law with family

Featuring Tanya N. Helfand

One Weird Trick to Beat the Government in a Click-Fraud Case

How Simone Bertollini won the landmark case may shock you

Featuring Simone Bertollini

Discovery with Elizabeth Adekunle

Elizabeth Adekunle: Offline and in living color


A Sea Change

In the tumultuous age of #MeToo, employment lawyer Christine Amalfe has the right skills at the right time

Featuring Christine A. Amalfe

Practical Applications in New Jersey

Handy legal apps used by fellow attorneys

Featuring Melissa Skrocki, ...

Bases Covered

Jorden N. “Nick” Pedersen Jr. is on call for civilian contractors killed or injured abroad while on the job for the U.S. government

Featuring Jorden N. Pedersen

Local Counsel with Theodora McCormick

Princeton’s Theodora McCormick tells us what’s good in the neighborhood

Featuring Theodora McCormick

Vikki Ziegler Can’t Sit Still

From reality TV projects to a matchmaking app to her own body-products line, Vikki Ziegler is always creating

Featuring Vikki S. Ziegler

Discovery with Nola Rooney Bencze

Clark Hill’s Nola Rooney Bencze praises Post-its and wishes dancing psychologists were a thing

Featuring Nola R. Bencze

Alan Zegas Plays the Bridge

His greatest hits have one thing in common: a Chris Christie chorus

Featuring Alan L. Zegas

Q&A: Paulette Brown

We caught up with the American Bar Association president after her keynote speech at a recent Minnesota Black Women Legal Network event to talk about diversity and mentorship in the legal world

Clearing the Air

David B. Farer on his new gig as president of the American College of Environmental Lawyers

Featuring David B. Farer

The Person She Always Was

There were never two sides to Robyn Gigl

Featuring Robyn B. Gigl

Williams v. the Rubber Stamp

Family law litigator Allison C. Williams doesn’t sit in the sandbox and sing ‘Kumbaya’

Featuring Allison C. Williams

Split Screen

Remi Spencer doesn’t just play a lawyer on TV

Featuring Remi L. Spencer

Doing, Working, Hustling

Michael Sirota went from delivering eggs to representing The Donald

Featuring Michael D. Sirota

Election Protection

Rajiv Parikh’s idea of a happy ending is when every vote counts Featuring Rajiv D. Parikh

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