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Rupert Murdoch’s Right-Hand Man

Lon Jacobs helped News Corporation take over The Wall Street Journal and MySpace

Pepsi One

Larry Thompson stands behind an iconic American brand        

Modernizing a 16th-Century Tradition

Sharon Grubin keeps The Met apace with the times       

Boies v. Bush v. Gore

David Boies looks back at a brilliant career... and a Supreme Court decision that changed a nation

Fire and Oxygen

Thomas Moore and Judith Livingston share three children and multimillion-dollar verdicts  

The Digger

An unhurried view of Roger Zissu        

Staying Civil After 9/11

Three civil rights lawyers—Michael Ratner, Arthur Eisenberg and Manuel Vargas—and their organizations fight for our most basic rights          

The Eagle Scout

Bankruptcy lawyer Deryck Palmer is nice 98 percent of the time    

The Second Life of Harriet Cohen

What the matrimonial lawyer learned to share with the world        

Taking Care

From treating patients to defending doctors, Catherine Gale brings a human touch        

Home of the Brave

Three attorneys tell of serving their country        

Rehabbing the System

Jim Grossman fights for the disabled and the organizations that help them       

Defending the “Indefensible”

Alleged terrorists, accused cops: Joseph M. LaTona defends them all  

Calling the Shots

Big or small, Donald W. Boyajian makes each case count        

Change Agent

After more than four decades in practice, Susan Robfogel still enjoys a challenge        

The Third Lion

Robert Vanni helps protect the New York Public Library

The Lawyers of Summer

Talking baseball with the legal execs of the Yankees and Mets