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The Reality Check

The four commandments of Debra Raskin

“Let’s Put on a Show!”

Backstage with Broadway lawyers Seth Gelblum, Elliot Brown, Jean Ward, Loren Plotkin and Nancy Rose

The Fourth Lesson of Joe Flom

It has something to do with liquidity

Manhattan Transfer

Real estate lawyer David Alan Richards transfers everything from Kipling books to air

Law … and All That Jazz

A little night music from IP attorney Jonathan Z. King

The Ultimate Lawyer-Statesman

How Gary Naftalis beat Perry Mason, defended Michael Eisner, and sank a shot at Madison Square Garden

The Team Player

Brad Karp is the man behind the man in the hot seat

Sea Change

How Vince DeOrchis helped update 80-year-old maritime law

A Simpatico with the Underdog

Stephen R. Coffey earned his stripes in the Albany District Attorney’s Office before he was recruited to O’Connell & Aronowitz as the firm’s first and only trial lawyer. Three decades later, the criminal defense attorney and personal injury litigator is a senior partner at the firm, and has learned along the way that money isn’t everything, luck is crucial, and fallibility is just part of human nature.

Nasdaq’s Knight

Edward Knight keeps the world’s largest exchange company transparent

The Decider

Sandra Leung stepped in when Bristol-Myers Squibb took the heat

Flash Forward

Joyce Haag on Eastman Kodak’s transformation from film to digital