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Brew Master

How M&A ace Sabine Chalmers helped form the world’s largest brewing company

Appealing Appellate

How Kathleen M. Sullivan went from academia to the only female name partner among the 100 largest firms in the country

What’s So Funny About ... ?

Family lawyer Sue M. Moss talks comedy, the begging strategy and losing your mind on Oprah

Nerves of Steel

A look at the not-so-secret identity of Napoli Bern

A Damon Runyon Kind of Practice

Judd Burstein is mum on Fox News, but not on the mob or Don King

The Defining Civil Rights Issue of This Century

David Boies, Ted Olson, and the federal constitutional right to same-sex marriage


How Marshall Huebner helped rescue the economy

A Separation

Nooshin Namazi’s journey from Iran to Long Island

Bearing His Name

How E. Stewart Jones Jr. deals with a powerful legacy

Debt and Taxes

Tax and estate planning attorney Deborah Weber talks eggshell audits, offers in compromise, and why she doesn’t represent tax protesters