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The Dean of the Employment Bar

Betsy Plevan’s career has been based on finding the right fit: for her, for her clients and for a generation of female lawyers

Being a Little Guy

“You cannot be great at what we do if you don’t have compassion for people,” says personal injury attorney Robert Kelner

First Comes Love

Before same-sex marriage was the law of the land, business litigator Robbie Kaplan became a hero of the movement

Navigating China

The Chinese legal system has come a long way in a short time; but what’s getting lost in translation?

The Best Neutral

Mediating with John DiBlasi

Outdated Laws: New York City Edition

Some of the most bizarre crimes in NYC

An Innocence Man

Barry Scheck talks Louima, Lyons, and whether the state has executed an innocent man

Stabilizing Rent-Stabilization

Ira L. Herman on the Santiago-Monteverde bankruptcy ruling

Brown for the Disabled

On Dan Brown’s pro bono work to make New York more wheelchair accessible

Covert Operations

Why scientific misconduct lawyer Barry Nelson Covert knows more about space dust than you do

Waverly Pond

Farmer/attorney Ginger Schröder could give Henry David Thoreau a run for his (metaphoric) money