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Our Cousin Vinny

Move over, Atticus: Lawyers have a new favorite cinematic lawyer

Oral History: 13 Ways of Looking at a Black Robe

Former clerks to the U.S. Supreme Court talk about their experiences at the center of American law

Captain America's Lawyer

After a troubled childhood in the Bronx, Ross J. Charap emerged to fight for truth, justice and intellectual property  

The Zonin’ Lobels

Richard Lobel follows in the footsteps of his father, Sheldon, who followed in the footsteps of his father-in-law

Local Counsel with Jonathan L. Mechanic

Real estate icon Jonathan Mechanic tells us what’s good in the neighborhood

Practice: Runway

How CEO training and a sense of humor helped Monica Richman build a fashion IP practice

‘A Real Inspiration’

Getting the deal done and keeping quiet about it, with Marcia L. Goldstein

Discovery with Priya Chaudhry

Priya Chaudhry brings a touch of Cleveland (LeBron/Browns) to the city

The Room Where It Happened

How did a bastard orphan go on and on to become a musical phenomenon? Loren Plotkin and Nancy Rose on the legal work behind Hamilton

Asking, Telling

18-year Navy vet Stephen Lessard reps soldiers with LGBT matters and PTSD issues

Practical Applications in New York

Handy legal technologies

Local Counsel with Laurie A. Giordano-Vahey

The Rochester lawyer tells us what’s good in the neighborhood

Towne & Another Country

Building schools and clinics in Kenya with Jim Towne

The Lawyer for the 20th Hijacker

Be it suspected murderers, sex offenders or terrorists, everyone deserves a fair trial in James Harrington’s book

Hope Does.

Our profession is especially at risk for depression, but you need not feel alone