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Another Inconvenient Truth

Victoria Cook’s viral Facebook post helped expose gender bias in documentary filmmaking

East Side Story

David Paget survived Lower East Side gangs to become New York’s go-to environmental lawyer

Getting to YES

Sports lawyer Irwin Kishner’s highlight reel includes developing the country’s first regional sports network

Hallowed Ground

Renato Matos helps religious organizations survive through real estate

Local Counsel with RoseAnn C. Branda

Brooklyn’s RoseAnn Branda tells us what’s good in the neighborhood

Women's Day

An oral history of those who fought “We don’t hire women” law firms and handsy judges to make legal history

Conscience Coupling

Husband-and-wife team Randolph McLaughlin and Debra Cohen are building a new kind of civil rights practice

Discovery with Victoria S. Cook

Victoria “Cookie” Cook on why she’d make an effin’ bad morning-show host

Probate Games

Lansing Palmer makes a novel argument in the dispute over Tom Clancy’s estate

Unarrested Development

How Phillips Lytle is helping revitalize Buffalo

All Out of Bubblegum

Ed Menkin knows his clients want a lawyer “who is bold, who is self-confident, and who is ready to kick some ass”

Discovery with Theresa A. Conroy

Theresa Conroy gives it up for Hamilton, wit, secretive singing and a questionable sandwich

Busy in Buffalo

Joe Hanna is the hardest-working person in the room