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The Rules Rule

Ariana Tadler on her stint with the Federal Civil Rules Advisory Committee

A Long Island Kid in Queen Elizabeth's Court

How Thomas Foley came to be both a lawyer in New York and a solicitor in London

Class Dismissed

Kimberly Lau makes sure schools and universities do the right thing

Dollars to Donuts

Bankruptcy lawyer Janice Grubin comes into her own

Burmese Days

A summer among soldiers and refugees forever altered Kellen G. Ressmeyer

'We Need to Tell Other Stories'

Lisa E. Davis’ decades-long battle for inclusion in entertainment and law

'It's a Fraud, It's All a Fraud'

Ira Lee Sorkin and Marc Litt on the Bernie Madoff case

Barry Berke Sees the Bullets

The famed litigator on trial prep, controlling the witness, and those impeachment hearings

Court to Court

How an encounter with a stingray led Cheryl Meyers Buth to the NBA

In the Custody Door, Out the Civilian Door

Don Thompson was fighting injustice decades before the Daniel Prude case

Red or Blue Pill? The Sour Gummy Worms, Please

Discovery with Chris Affronti

Tech Support

Before she was a tech lawyer, Jennifer Beckage was in on the internet’s ground floor

Reclaiming Their Space

Three Black women attorneys on race, diversity and justice in Western New York

Prospering in a Pandemic

Culture is key for Albany law firm