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Steady as She Goes

Leslie Winner takes in stride her responsibilities as top legal counsel for all 16 colleges of The University of North Carolina

Divorce Horror Stories

Family lawyers recount some of their more memorable cases

The Pros of Giving Back

Four North Carolina attorneys share their thoughts on the importance of pro bono work

Medicine Man

When faced with malpractice allegations, many medical professionals turn to Dan McLamb to separate facts from emotions

Concerted Effort

Haynes Lea holds a yearly Western bash to raise money for the blind

It's All in the Details

Mark Merritt, who seems as rock-solid as the boulders dotting the Smokey Mountains, says his vigilance for details lies at the heart of his success

Defending the Delorable

Four North Carolina lawyers describe how and why they do it

Setting the Bar

Anthony "Tony" Lathrop is a conservative foil to his flamboyant clients