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Motorcycle Man

Anthony Castelli tries to make the riding easier for Cincinnati riders

Featuring Anthony. Castelli

Family Recipe

Charles and Ellen Rittgers built a thriving firm together—and brought son Charlie into the fold 7 years ago

Featuring Charles H. Rittgers, ...

Discovery with Seth Briskin

A lesson Seth Briskin learned along the way: Never bring a briefcase to a gunfight

Featuring Seth P. Briskin

Reflecting with Marie-Joëlle Khouzam

To this Columbus lawyer, it’s all about listening before jumping in

Featuring Marie-Joëlle C. Khouzam

The Incredible Shrinking Jury Trial

For better or for worse—depending on your perspective—lawsuits and criminal cases are increasingly being resolved outside the courtroom

Featuring Patrick J. Perotti, ...

Cleveland Calling

Zashin & Rich works to the beat of its own drum

Featuring Andrew A. Zashin, ...

Discovery with Victor P. Kademenos

Victor Kademenos can do a mean imitation of Bernie. But not that Bernie.

Featuring Victor P. Kademenos

Looking Around Corners

Janet Gilligan Abaray is all about doing the research, learning the science, then visualizing how the pieces of a case will come together


‘A Tremendous Ability to Do Good’

A Christmas epiphany led Doucet & Associates to help people avoid eviction Featuring Troy Doucet

Games Over

Bankruptcy lawyer Laura Day DelCotto isn’t playing around when it comes to protecting her clients Featuring Laura Day DelCotto

The Lawyer Lawyers Need

When a professional colleague gets in hot water, Alvin Mathews Jr. is on the case Featuring Alvin E. Mathews, Jr.

A Planner and a Poet

Susan Wheatley likes things organized—in estate plans or stanzas Featuring Susan E. Wheatley

Family Ties

How Craig Bashein helped the Chardon High victims’ families Featuring W. Craig Bashein

Family Matters

Barbara K. Roman is all about minimizing the trauma of breakups Featuring Barbara K. Roman

Alex Shumate on Taking Care of Business

The Columbus lawyer puts public policy to work for his clients Featuring Alex Shumate

The Candy Man’s Lawyer

John R. Climaco helped Sammy Davis Jr. battle financial failures, negotiated with Cesar Chavez on behalf of the Teamsters union, and took on the tobacco industry Featuring

Defending the Product

Cincinnati litigator Carolyn Taggart takes the sting out of facts that might trip up a jury Featuring Carolyn A. Taggart

Legal Aid is Alive and Well

And Cleveland’s Deborah A. Coleman is proof Featuring Deborah A. Coleman

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