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The Candy Man’s Lawyer

John R. Climaco helped Sammy Davis Jr. battle financial failures, negotiated with Cesar Chavez on behalf of the Teamsters union, and took on the tobacco industry Featuring

Defending the Product

Cincinnati litigator Carolyn Taggart takes the sting out of facts that might trip up a jury Featuring Carolyn A. Taggart

Legal Aid is Alive and Well

And Cleveland’s Deborah A. Coleman is proof Featuring Deborah A. Coleman

Break It Down

Carol Dan Browning’s cases can get abstract, but she speaks to juries in concrete terms Featuring Carol Dan Browning

Contamination Counselor

Environmental law attorney Andrew L. Kolesar on the consequences of toxic decisions Featuring Andrew L. Kolesar

The Battle For the Next Best Thing

Patrick Perotti has collected more than $25 million for charity using the cy pres doctrine Featuring Patrick J. Perotti

Find Something I Say That Isn’t True

Louisville litigator David Tachau dares his adversaries to find a hole in his story Featuring David B. Tachau

That Samurai Charm

For her work in his defense, one client gave malpractice attorney Susan Blasik-Miller a sword as a thank you gift Featuring Susan Blasik-Miller

When the Officer Says 'Step Out of the Car'

Jon Saia casts doubt on the results of field sobriety tests, and advocates for less convoluted OVI laws Featuring Jon J. Saia

The Real Deal

How personal injury attorney James Michael Kelley III outwits the experts Featuring James M. Kelley

Champion of Diversity

Employment attorney Carl D. Smallwood is all about opening doors Featuring

It’s All Personal

When family law gets complicated, it’s good to have Phyllis Bossin in charge Featuring Phyllis G. Bossin

Joseph P. Thomas’ Patient Approach

The class action defender at Ulmer & Berne in Cincinnati changes perceptions about big pharmaceutical firms Featuring Joseph P. Thomas

Helping Larry Flynt

Intellectual property lawyer Joshua A. Lorentz is no stranger to big-name clients Featuring Joshua A. Lorentz

Nancy Valentine's Idea of Fun

Complicated bankruptcy cases make this attorney’s day Featuring Nancy A. Valentine

J. Robert Linneman and the Occupy Movement

How the Cincinnati attorney got involved

Featuring J. Robert Linneman

The Fixer

Nothing makes estate lawyer Ruth I. Rounding madder than witnessing injustice. Colleagues at Kohnen & Patton say (good-naturedly) that her middle initial stands for “Irate” Featuring

Citizen of the World

How Martijn Steger created a top-rated international law practice based in an unlikely locale Featuring

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