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Planning for the End of Your Life

It doesn’t have to be the end of the world

What Should You Do When You Get an IRS Audit Notice?

Don’t panic. Do call a professional.

Domestic Violence and Custody in Pennsylvania

‘Best interests of the child’ analysis explicitly requires assessment of abuse

Trademarked in Tennessee

How musical acts in Nashville can claim and defend their names

Everybody Hurts

Painless tips for finding a personal injury attorney in Florida

Resolving Student Loan Debt in Minnesota

Having a lawyer can help you through the morass

Articles Featuring Lawyers

Ross Van Pelt

Reflecting with Marie-Joëlle Khouzam

To this Columbus lawyer, it’s all about listening before jumping in

Family Recipe

Charles and Ellen Rittgers built a thriving firm together—and brought son Charlie into the …

Motorcycle Man

Anthony Castelli tries to make the riding easier for Cincinnati riders

The ‘Architectural Downfall’ of Fred Joseph

How the Louisville attorney worked his passions for civil rights and building into a …

In the Bees

If Jeff Spangler isn’t advising banking clients, he’s most likely out checking his …

Discovery with Seth Briskin

A lesson Seth Briskin learned along the way: Never bring a briefcase to a gunfight

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