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A Conversation on the COVID-19 Pandemic with Carole Cukell Neff

A Q&A about the state of her firm and estate planning/elder law practiceFeaturing Carole Cukell Neff

Business, Interrupted

Nancy Sher Cohen’s insurance team is reviewing policies and advising businesses in the wake …Featuring Nancy S. Cohen

The Ties That Bind

Brian Neary came from a 'city of hope' and it hasn’t left himFeaturing Brian J. Neary

The Wild One

For 20 years, Melinda Singer was the Evel Knievel of family law attorneysFeaturing Melinda L. Singer

Lights, Camera, Newark

Brooke Barnett gets real—twiceFeaturing Brooke M. Barnett

Pony Express

Cara Parmigiani pulls the strings of a traditional general practiceFeaturing Cara Parmigiani

'One Page'

Ehsan Chowdhry on working collaboratively and changing perceptionsFeaturing Ehsan F. Chowdhry

The Human Element

Even plaintiff’s lawyers salute Mike O’Donnell’s decencyFeaturing Michael L. O'Donnell

This Is a Change, and I Want to Be Part of It

An oral history of trailblazing women in the lawFeaturing Betty Arkell, …

Through the Fire

How Cyrus Rajabi’s firefighting and EMT training helped save his daughter’s lifeFeaturing Cyrus Rajabi

'These Are Human Beings'

Mari Newman got into civil rights law to fight for those who need her most—like Diana SanchezFeaturing Mari Newman

Theater Major

Joyce Gist Lewis uses her acting background to connect with juriesFeaturing Joyce Gist Lewis

'I Couldn't Get My Kids Out of the Courtroom'

Tom and Jonathan Pope carry on the legal legacy of their famous fatherFeaturing Tom Pope, III, …

Larger Than Life

Remembering Tommy Malone

Home Fires

HOA rep Julie McGhee Howard tries to make sure everyone just gets alongFeaturing Julie McGhee Howard

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