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Ascending the Stage

Divani Nadaraja’s footwork through dance and the law

Featuring Divani Nadaraja

Discovery with Monté L. Williams

Monté L. Williams’ nickname is top secret, but his goat-milking skills sure …

Featuring Monté L. Williams

Local Counsel with Ellen S. Cappellanti

Charleston’s Ellen S. Cappellanti checks in from Italy

Featuring Ellen S. Cappellanti

Ohio Fertility Clinic Hit With Lawsuits Over Destroyed Embryos

Storage tank alarm did not warn of rising temperature

Featuring Tom Merriman, …

Blank Rome Keeps Growing and Growing and …

Alan J. Hoffman on the firm’s non-competitive culture

Featuring Alan J. Hoffman

Dustin Snipes

The Lawyer Off Main Street

Juanita Brooks knows what to do with "a dry patent case"

Featuring Juanita R. Brooks

Nevertheless, She Persisted

Fern Steiner brings her labor law tenacity to two local boards

Featuring Fern M. Steiner

Unnatural Disaster Artist

John “Mickey” McGuire walks the talk after fires and earthquakes

Featuring John F. (Mickey) McGuire, Jr.

Discovery with Gabriel Ozel

Gabriel Ozel can say Shl’am lak; just don’t ask him to say …

Featuring Gabriel Ozel

From Then … … to Now

An oral history of lawyers who started practicing in the 1960s

Featuring Robert E. Benson, …

Paul Wedlake

Justice Is Coming

Tina Habas is civil defense’s worst nightmare: a former defense attorney, now …

Featuring Christina M. Habas


On the slopes and the courtroom, Ellie Lockwood leaves the competition behind

Featuring Ellie Lockwood

Third Time’s the Charm

Patrick Mulligan gives defendants another shot at a second chance

Featuring Patrick Mulligan

Discovery with Anna N. Martinez

Anna Martinez talks trial law, cooks blueberry pancakes, and abides like The Dude

Featuring Anna N. Martinez

Luigi Ciuffetelli

A Sea Change

In the tumultuous age of #MeToo, employment lawyer Christine Amalfe has the right skills at the …

Featuring Christine A. Amalfe

One Weird Trick to Beat the Government in a Click-Fraud Case

How Simone Bertollini won the landmark case may shock you

Featuring Simone Bertollini

Mom Genes

Tanya Helfand practices family law with family

Featuring Tanya N. Helfand

Full-Court Press

Bruce S. Rosen expands rights in a field he used to work in: journalism

Featuring Bruce Rosen

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