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Safety Boosters

Russell Reiner and Todd Slaughter on stepping up to protect the community

Featuring Todd E. Slaughter, …

‘A Life of Fulfillment’

Michelle Roberts sees her hardworking dad in clients struggling for benefits they’ve …

Featuring Michelle Roberts

‘The Human Part of It’

Christopher Banys’ pro bono work helps immigrants and YouTubers

Featuring Christopher Banys

Cannabis Conundrum

Now that recreational pot is legal, public law attorneys like Ruthann Ziegler are helping cities …

Featuring Ruthann G. Ziegler


How #MeToo is impacting gender-discrimination cases

Featuring Jason Lohr, …

Discovery with Karine Bohbot

Karine Bohbot’s trial prep: organization (then more organization), coffee, …

Featuring Karine Bohbot

Richard Fleischman

The Steady Boat in the Storm

Lymari Santana makes the most of every opportunity

Featuring Lymari J. Santana

Richard Fleischman

David Bradley Olsen Hates Making Headlines

But when you represent Jesse Ventura and Brock Lesnar, sometimes you can’t help it

Featuring David Bradley Olsen

Marty Swaden’s Encore

The singer-turned-lawyer moonlights as a theater performer

Featuring Marty Swaden

Small Community, Big Boosts

Jennifer Miernicki on the nuances of working in tribal finance

Featuring Jennifer D. Miernicki

Traffick Alert

How Karla Vehrs helps the most vulnerable of immigrants

Featuring Karla M. Vehrs

Laying the Legal Smackdown

A brief history of Super Lawyers and World Wrestling Entertainment


Discovery with Kristi A. Hastings

Kristi Hastings on baking, hockey-season dinners and power-mad 11-year-old judges

Featuring Kristi A. Hastings

Local Counsel with Andrew R. Peterson

Born and raised in Virginia, Minnesota, curling enthusiast Andy Peterson shares his …

Featuring Andrew R. Peterson

Justice Kennedy: Renaissance Man, Decent Person, Mock Trial Enthusiast

How the lawyers of Super Lawyers have seen the court's longtime swing voter over …

Featuring Kim Martin Lewis, …

Inside the White House, with Shawn Holley and Kim Kardashian

How the LA attorney and her client helped free Alice Marie Johnson

Featuring Shawn Holley

Edward Linsmier

Harley Riedel’s Move

The Tampa attorney is a master at keeping bankrupt companies in the game

Featuring Harley E. Riedel, II

The Journey Home

Washington attorneys share their experiences immigrating to the U.S.

Featuring Pallavi Mehta Wahi, …

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