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Eating the Chief's Soup

What James Volling learned from Warren BurgerFeaturing James L. Volling

The Man Who Introduced John Lewis to Martin Luther King Jr.

Attorney Fred Gray on the passing of the civil rights iconFeaturing Fred D. Gray

Making Connections

Jeffrey Beaver has always brought people together; now he’s helping Sound Transit unite the …Featuring Jeffrey A. Beaver

Playing By Heart

Victoria Vreeland has made a career of championing the powerlessFeaturing Victoria L. Vreeland

Trial by Fire

Starting out as a prosecutor: a brutal workload. And the best job everFeaturing Stephen P. VanDerhoef, …

'I Didn't Give Up'

For more than two decades, Richard Eymann fought the U.S. government on behalf of Hanford …Featuring Richard C. Eymann

Science Major

Pam Jacobson’s biology background has influenced more than one careerFeaturing Pam K. Jacobson

Incubating Success

Stan Perkins helps legal entrepreneurs find their footing—while helping those who can’t …Featuring Dean "Stan" Perkins

If I Could Change One Thing About Immigration Policy

Three lawyers submit to direct questioningFeaturing Ji Min Kim, …

Fighting Fire

Five attorneys talk about the massive class action against PG&EFeaturing Michael A. Kelly, …

The Science Teacher

How Heidi Keefe used a tin recipe box and a pink stuffed animal to explain tech to juriesFeaturing Heidi L. Keefe

The Home Front

Michael Bracamontes fights for families in danger of being evictedFeaturing Michael R. Bracamontes

Tax Break

Sacramento attorney Carley Roberts finds respite on her horse ranchFeaturing Carley A. Roberts

The Electioneer

Chris Skinnell is a one-stop shop for ballot initiatives and most everything else voting-relatedFeaturing Chris Skinnell

Iron Man

“The extremes are where I find I’m most relaxed,” says PI plaintiff attorney John …Featuring John Coletti

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