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Making Pigs Fly

When it comes to truck accident litigation, Morgan Adams takes the cases others pass by

Featuring Morgan G. Adams

Steady Under Pressure

Russell Beck excels when business disputes come in “short, fast and …Featuring Russell Beck

A Risk Worth Taking

Steven M. Gordon looks back on his case against the FBI on behalf of a Whitey Bulger victim

Featuring Steven M. Gordon

Going Forward

Uswah Khan on serving justice one family at a time

Featuring Uswah A. Khan

Can Political Campaigns Use Music Without Permission?

IP litigator Lawrence Iser weighs in on the Trump-Prince controversy

Featuring Lawrence Y. Iser

Righting Wrongs

The Choctaw Nation’s Michael Burrage makes opioid producers pay

Featuring Michael Burrage

Gentleman Driver

Five weekends a year, look for Ed Hugo on the racetrack

Featuring Edward R. Hugo

Prison Bar

Lessons Roberta Fields learned as a corrections officer

Featuring Roberta B. Fields

The Front Line

Lorena Rivas on her week at the Karnes detention facility

Featuring Lorena Rivas

Austin Mourns Passing of Phil Durst

‘Texas Treasure’ Dies at Age 63

Not After the Big Part

Anne Vladeck and her family have been taking on big, fat firms for 70 years

Featuring Anne C. Vladeck

The Closer

Steven Molo kept moving toward his perfect firm; then he created it

Featuring Steven F. Molo

Not BigLaw

How Roger E. Barton developed a more transparent compensation system

Featuring Roger E. Barton

Protecting the Plate

Phillies fan Mary L. Kevlin safeguards Yankees, Mets and MLB IP

Featuring Mary L. Kevlin

The Entrepreneurial Spirit

Steve Cohen began law school at 58; now, at 68, he’s on the Rising Stars list

Featuring Steve Cohen

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