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The Whole Show

How Peter Brann won by throwing away everything and starting over

Featuring Peter J. Brann

Crosscourt Shot

Family lawyer and U.S. Open mainstay Richard Kent has written three tennis books

Featuring Richard G. Kent

Discovery with Samantha Lednicky

Samantha Lednicky on trials, tractors and her very Vermont coffee mix-in

Featuring Samantha Lednicky

Local Counsel with Diana M. Ducharme

Diana Ducharme tells us what’s good in the neighborhood

Featuring Diana M. Ducharme

Shane Bevel

Collective Wisdom

John Kenney knows how to speak to juries—and country music fans, too

Featuring John A. Kenney

Making a Life-Size Difference

The community’s need can be overwhelming, but Rachel Gusman just keeps chipping away

Featuring Rachel Gusman

M. Shane Henry Knows No Labels

The Tulsa attorney helped launch a hands-on trial-advocacy program

Featuring M. Shane Henry

Discovery with Amy D. White

Amy D. White dreams of horse farms—and another conversation with her grandparents

Featuring Amy D. White

Ignorance Isn’t Bliss in Tax Law

Three of Bill Manne’s clients learned the hard way that you can’t dodge the IRS

Featuring William S. Manne

VW Settlement Money Earmarked to Battle Climate Change

The $1.4 billion comes from a $14.7 billion payout negotiated in 2016 by San Francisco’s …

Featuring Elizabeth J. Cabraser

'None of Us Take It for Granted'

Eight lawyers recount their journey to America

Featuring Samaa A. Haridi, …

Luigi Ciuffetelli

Banking on Rodge

H. Rodgin Cohen looks back at the Great Recession—and guesses where the next banking …

Featuring H. Rodgin Cohen

Luigi Ciuffetelli

The Winning Ticket

Fran and Susan Hoffinger stick together in all kinds of weather

Featuring Susan Hoffinger, …

Raising Glasses, Funds and Spirits

How Block O’Toole & Murphy helped turn the St. Jude Autumn Wine Tasting into an …

Featuring Stephen Murphy, …

The Things He Carried

Lewis Tesser’s book of his father’s World War II photos is now in the National …

Featuring Lewis F. Tesser

Scientific Breakthrough

Why Siew Yen Chong gave up the lab for the law


Fire and Ice

Why John Mancebo cannot not succeed

Featuring John E. Mancebo

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