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A Bit Complex

Andrew Painter on uncorking Virginia’s wine history

Featuring Andrew A. Painter

Charity Begins at Home

Marty Stoll is dedicated to providing Iowans with affordable housing

Featuring Marty L. Stoll

Books and Cable Shows and Podcasts, Oh My!

A Q&A with Henry Gornbein about his many irons in the fire

Featuring Henry S. Gornbein

Dustin Snipes

'Even the Sky Is Different'

Eight LA attorneys recount their journeys to America

Featuring Ralph A. Campillo, …

Dustin Snipes

A Midwestern Soul

Nancy Sher Cohen is firm but fair

Featuring Nancy S. Cohen

Dustin Snipes

The Calm Man in the Arena

For Ron Makarem, it’s about righting wrongs while enjoying the journey

Featuring Ronald W. Makarem

‘Nothing Is Impossible’

Juan Dominguez and the good that good produced

Featuring Juan J. Dominguez

Facing the Snake Pit

Lisa Kantor fights insurance companies who deny treatment coverage for eating disorders

Featuring Lisa S. Kantor

The Public Defender Bug

Why 19 years in the PD’s office didn’t burn out Lauri Brenner

Featuring Lauri Brenner

Discovery with Neville L. Johnson

Neville Johnson, aka Trevor McShane, publishes poetry, loves Lennon, and wouldn’t mind a …

Featuring Neville L. Johnson

Kibbitz and Nosh

Ralph Saltsman and Steve Solomon on the best cheap eats in LA

Featuring Ralph B. Saltsman, …

Todd Rosenberg

Keeping Pace

The IP litigator’s engine always runs at full speed

Featuring Olivia Luk Bedi

Jeff Cravotta

The Reconstruction of David Rudolf

The verdict in the Michael Peterson case shook his very foundation. Now, thanks to Netflix, …

Featuring David S. Rudolf

The Play’s the Thing

Foster care advocate Jay Paul Deratany fights injustice in the courtroom and on the …

Featuring Jay Paul Deratany

Change of Heart

Craig Tobin tried the last ‘heart balm’ case in Illinois history

Featuring Craig D. Tobin

Expecting Better

Employment lawyer Renee Coover talks up pregnancy rights from the TEDx stage

Featuring Renee Coover

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