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A Dinner, A Play, Your Bill

Three books with which to escape the law for a few hours

Featuring Michael S. Kun


Three attorneys who decompress by revving up

Featuring Lisa Helfend Meyer, …

Discovery with Lisa A. Callif

Super Callif’s agile list of sushi, snuggles, boat trips

Featuring Lisa A. Callif

Jeff Cravotta

Dude, You Are So Dead

And other thoughts from no-nonsense litigator Sara Lincoln

Featuring Sara R. Lincoln

Todd Rosenberg


Kathleen Zellner lives for impossible cases, including Steven Avery’s

Featuring Kathleen T. Zellner


How the personal became political (and big business) for Rod Kight

Featuring D. Rodney Kight, Jr.

Started From The Bottom

Patrick Roberts’ path to the U.S., law and the top floor

Featuring A. Patrick Roberts

Bass Ace

Peter Strand earned his rock ‘n roll stripes in Yipes!

Featuring Peter J. Strand

Advocatus Quod Auctor

How Anthony Licata’s Hannibal’s Niece finally saw the light of day

Featuring Anthony R. Licata

Discovery with Karl J. Amelchenko

Karl Amelchenko will do just about anything for a solid bocadillo—except get a …

Featuring Karl J. Amelchenko

Big America

An oral history of immigrants in Illinois law

Featuring Beata A. Leja, …

Discovery with Kwabena Appenteng

Kwabena Appenteng on crisps, fatherhood and his stellar Kwabena Appenteng impersonation

Featuring Kwabena Appenteng

Larry Laycock’s Christmas Stories

How one lawyer’s post-trial mopes spawned a tradition

Featuring Larry R. Laycock

Romero & Romero

The Right Track

From railroads to secret fried chicken recipes, Ben Slater is a force in the courtroom

Featuring Benjamin R. Slater, III

Safe Haven

Michelle Roy takes an asylum case with the highest of stakes

Featuring Michelle M. Roy

Discovery with Erzsebet Pifko

Erzsebet Pifko talks particle physics, Bowie and Oreo cheesecake

Featuring Erzsebet Pifko

Local Counsel with Paul J. Masinter

New Orleans attorney Paul Masinter tells us what’s good in the neighborhood

Featuring Paul J. Masinter

Seven Questions With Lloyd Shefsky

The author takes us inside his new book

Featuring Lloyd E. Shefsky

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