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The 300

Richard Serbin’s 32-year fight to uncover the truth of clergy sexual-abuse Featuring Richard M. Serbin

So you think you know Peter Meltzer?

The Philly lawyer digs into words, music and the national pastime

Featuring Peter E. Meltzer

Local Counsel with Jane Goldblum

The Jenkintown lawyer tells us what’s good in the neighborhood

Featuring Jane W. Goldblum

Swift Justice

Thirty years later, Bob Swift’s first-ever human rights class action lawsuit still influences the law

Featuring Robert A. Swift

Kill ’em With Calmness

Before you know what hit you, Patti Dodge has opened you up


Blank Rome Keeps Growing and Growing and ...

Alan J. Hoffman on the firm’s non-competitive culture Featuring Alan J. Hoffman

The Twenty-Seven Years’ War

Two Berger & Montague attorneys on Rocky Flats, one of the longest cases in U.S. history

Featuring David F. Sorensen, ...

The Council Counselor

Opportunity or obstacle? David Hyman helps clients deal with the government either way

Featuring David L. Hyman

Discovery with Mark A. Martini

Mark A. Martini on flexibility, spending time with his kids, and running wild with a great courtroom walk-up song, brother

Featuring Mark A. Martini

‘I Can Do That’

Elizabeth Ainslie has never met a case she didn’t want to try


Uncommon Decency

Empathy is Mark Aronchick’s primary tool

Featuring Mark A. Aronchick

Pushing at the Edges

An oral history of women who began practicing law in the early 1970s

Featuring Regina O'Brien Thomas, ...

“Gee, I Helped This Guy Today”

An oral history of five Pennsylvania attorneys who graduated from law school in the 1950

Featuring , ...

Turning Corners

As a nurse, Bobbie Pichini cared for her patients’ physical health. As a lawyer, she aims to put lives back together

Featuring Roberta D. Pichini

In It For the Long Haul

To be a successful child advocate, Megan Watson knows you have to develop long-term relationships

Featuring Megan E. Watson

Uphill Battle

Sean Summers of Summers Nagy shares his memories of arguing Snyder v. Phelps before the high court

Featuring Sean E. Summers

The Securities King of Pennsylvania

When millions of dollars are on the line, companies turn to Marc J. Sonnenfeld


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