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Poetry in Motion

Tonya Evans-Walls has made careers out of law, tennis and verse

Weber Grilled

Melissa Murphy Weber on life inside the courtroom and outside of politics 

Opening Doors

Kassem Lucas isn’t just kind to old ladies

The Colleran Calling

David Colleran’s legal prowess runs in the family

David Berney’s Search for Meaning

A civil rights crusader travels to Germany to try to make sense of the unthinkable

Leap of Faith

Meet six young lawyers who took a deep breath and plunged into solo practice

The Lawyer Who Saw the Lightning

Stephen M. Glynn and nearly 40 years of moral fitness

From Court to Court

Karie Cattanach is still sinking threes as Dane County assistant D.A.

One-Man Law & Order

Mark Tilkens went from Top Cop to Top Lawyer

Peer Recognition

How Erik Guenther gets juries to sympathize with clients accused of sexual assault

The Guy From the West End of Milwaukee

Mike Jones is the public face of Milwaukee’s most iconic product

We Are Family

Relatives who play and work well together

From Sci-Fi to Synergy

Karen Williams’ transition from ‘Deep Space’ to Volunteer of the Year

Prince the Peacemaker

Prince Chambliss has spent his career breaking barriers

The Last Laugh

William Barton may have been the class clown in law school, but today he's one of Oregon's finest trial lawyers (no joke)

On the Shoulders of Giants

Robert H. Alexander Jr. credits his success to the struggles of his ancestors; now he pays it forward

Carrying the Flame

Elaine Turner brings home the gold for Special Olympians

The Ultimate Sports Authority

Got a sporting dispute? Carolyn Witherspoon can handle it